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Sterling has been an innovator in the HVAC industry since 1946 when we began producing finned-tube radiation in a rented garage in Westfield, Massachusetts. Today our modern 325,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA now has the efficiency to produce both standard and custom product while providing short lead times. The independent representatives that work in partnership with Sterling are some of the best in their field and are strongly supported by a knowledgeable Sterling Technical Support staff.

Sterling unit heaters and parts are available from stock at many of the countries largest HVAC distributors.

Sterling HVAC equipment, A Mestek Company, is proudly "Made in the USA". Sterling has been a major producer of CSA certified Gas Fired and Hydronic Unit Heaters for over 40 years. High and Low Intensity Infrared, Rooftop Duct Furnaces, Evaporative Cooling Units, Packaged HVAC Rooftop and Indoor Make-Up Air Units, and a full line of Industrial Products enhance Sterling's complete line of HVAC equipment.

Sterling offers factory direct application specialists and local sales representatives to assist in the selection and applications of Sterling HVAC equipment.

Sterling Indoor Duct Furnaces are 80% efficient and are designed for ducted air applications. These are typically built up systems using a separate air moving device and may be heating only or heating and air conditioning applications. All Sterling duct furnaces are A.G.A certified for installation upstream or downstream from cooling coils (stainless steel heat exchangers are recommended).

Sterling Unit Heaters and Duct Furnaces are a complete heat generating and distributing plant, equipped with automatic controls, and packaged in an attractive streamlined housing. Designed for ceiling mounting, they provide a convenient, low-cost method of heating stores, factories, warehouses and other large open areas comfortably.

Sterling Engineered Product indirect fired make-up air systems are available in multiple configurations and vary depending on the specific application. Configurations are based on Standard and High CFM Blower cabinets that have been designed to be mounted on a common heavy duty skid rail with up to three gas-fired duct furnaces. Other cabinets include downturn plenums, coil cabinets with factory installed coils, filtration cabinets and evaporative coolers.

Multiple factory installed gas and air controls are available including DDC control packages, electronic stage controllers, building pressurization controllers, and a variety of mixed air controllers.

Sterling Industrial Products is the most recent addition to our line of Engineered type HVAC Equipment. Designed to meet all your larger application needs, Sterling Industrial Products consists of Air Turnover Systems, Direct Fired Make-up Air Heaters, and Indirect Fired Space Heaters.

Air Turnover systems is a designation describing a unique class of commercial and industrial heating or heating and cooling equipment used to condition large spaces. This unique type of equipment utilizes constant air flow thus reducing air stratification in the space. Direct gas fired systems realize maximum efficiencies because the air is heated directly in the burner chamber. This provides 100% efficiency (92% sensible, 8% latent) and includes a fully modulating burner with a minimum firing rate of 4% of the full input. Indirect Fired Systems utilize a drum/tube heat exchanger with a gas fired power burner and power exhaust. Controls can be set up for space heating, make-up air or a combination of both. Standard units are vertical floor mounted. If floor space is not available, the heater can be offered in either a horizontal-suspended or inverted position.

The Sterling Engineered Product indoor product line is a packaged heating and cooling system suitable for heating, cooling, ventilating and makeup air applications. Similar to the outdoor products except indoor duct furnaces are utilized. The Sterling Engineered Product outdoor product line is a packaged heating and cooling system suitable for heating, cooling, ventilating and makeup air applications. Similar to the indoor products except outdoor duct furnaces are utilized.

Sterling unit heaters are offered in gas, oil fired and hot water / steam models. Available in multiple sizes and types Sterling has the right type of unit to meet your heating needs.

Infrared Radiant heaters are an alternative type of heating equipment used in applications that require areas of concentrated heating or as a supplement unit heater type applications. Available in low and high intensity type units.

Cabinet blowers are self contained indoor air handlers designed to be utilized with our line of indoor duct furnaces. Available in four sizes with airflow ranging from 1,250 to 8,000 CFM.


When it comes to heating and HVAC parts, Sterling is an industry leader. Since 1946, Sterling has been producing innovative products. In a rented garage, the company Sterling was started. Today, Sterling owns a 325,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Located in North Carolina, this manufacturing facility is home to some of the top, innovative products to ever hit the HVAC market.

Sterling now has the resources to create both custom and standard products, and at the same time, the company still offers very short lead times. Sterling has a very knowledgeable technical support staff. In most cases, it's the unmatched part quality that causes consumers to buy Sterling heater parts. Consumers can buy Sterling unit heaters and assorted parts, and these parts are easy to get through some of the largest HVAC distributors in the world.

Sterling manufactures a number of different parts like evaporative cooling units, rooftop duct furnaces, rooftop air units and packaged HVAC systems. Sterling has a very complete product line that is available to consumers. When searching for indoor duct furnaces, most consumers choose Sterling. Indoor duct furnaces that are made by Sterling are about 80 percent more efficient than systems from other manufacturers, and these furnaces are designed for virtually any type of ducted air applications.

Some furnaces that Sterling makes are strictly for heating while others are made for both heating and air conditioning. Consumers buy Sterling duct furnaces because the furnaces are AGA certified. Sterling duct furnaces and unit heaters are complete heat generating plants. Furnace systems from Sterling have automatic controls and attractive, streamlined housings.

In most cases, these furnaces are designed to be ceiling mounted, and they provide cheap, convenient heating that works flawlessly for factories, stores, warehouses and a wide range of large structures. Sterling manufactures a number of different air and gas controls. DDC control packages from Sterling are some of the top products that the company has to offer.

Sterling is also known for superior building pressurization controllers and electronic stage controllers. However, Sterling actually makes a variety of air controllers. Industrial products are the latest additions to the Sterling product lineup. These industrial products have been created to meet the demands of large commercial and industrial applications.

Some of the popular systems from Sterling are the indirect-fired space heaters and air turnover systems. For a very broad selection of Sterling heater parts, consumers can shop with HVAC PLUS. We have an unbeatable part selection, and you can find all of the parts that will suit your needs. Choose parts from Emerson, McQuay, Carrier, Trane, Copeland and Barber Colman.