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Sporlan is one of today’s greatest HVAC system and component manufacturers, their product line receiving a high number of awards and acclaims from HVACR technicians, HVACR engineers, HVACR contractors and OEM’s and domestic users from all over the world. The success of Sporlan in the HVACR industry has been marked by the philosophy of the company’s founders, namely engineers and HVACR specialists Harold T. Lange and Hermann F. Spoerher (hence the name Spor from Spoerher and Lan from Lange). This founding took place 65 years ago, in 1940, a rough time for a company of this stature to do business. Sporlan’s philosophy was (and still is) to produce quality products that are designed well and that can be enabled for its application and installation.

Another one of the company’s goals was to give their clients a high level of comfortable maintenance for the company’s products and the best service possible, as well as to establish fixed and straightforward policies of sale. All of these things coming with their company always emphasizing on the quality and reliability of their products. Even 65 years after the founding of the company, their goals and priorities continue to remain the same - quality before any other thing. This quality can be witnessed first hand in their excellent control valves, their large array of solenoid valves making absolutely no exception to the quality rule of the manufacturer. Let’s take a short peek at what a solenoid valve is, what it can be used for and what Sporlan has to offer in this field.

In order to better understand the concept of the solenoid valve, we need to take a brief look at some of its attributes and features. Solenoid valves are manufactured out of hard materials such as stainless steel, thus they are able to withstand heavy corrosion and various harsh environments, where dangerous impurities and contaminants might otherwise destroy the body structure of the valve or cause malfunctions to the entire system. This allows for mounting the valve in a large number of environments, without the control element being hindered.

The solenoid valve holds a magnetic solenoid tube, which is a cylindrical coil of insulated wires that produces magnetic fields when energized. The solenoid valves, like other similar, standard valves, can either be single-threaded, 2-way threaded, 3-way threaded or 4-way threaded, depending on the number of inputs and outputs (entrances and exits) that the valve offers. Solenoid valves can be used in a wide array of HVACR utilities and systems, although the most common application of theses valves is in either commercial or aerospace equipments, some even finding great use in controlling power generators.

One of the most common Sporlan solenoid valves is the A3 series. The A3 is a hermetic, direct-acting solenoid valve that is used primarily for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Similar to the A3 series, the E3 and E5 solenoid valves feature extended solder connections as a standard option and they can be installed extremely fast, because they hold the option of being installed using either low silver content brazing alloy or no silver content brazing alloy at all.

The B6 and E6 series comprises compact design models, with a pilot operated disc construction that is mainly used in air conditioning and refrigeration units. The main benefit of the B6 and E6 models is that they can be mounted in basically any position you want, either horizontally, on the side or in a vertical line. These solenoid valves are extremely suitable for suction line service, because of their very low pressure differential rating required for full operation. The E6 models hold another benefit, in the fact that they feature an extended solder type connection and that they can be installed without disassembly, using either low or no silver content brazing alloys.

The Sporlan B19 and E19 solenoid valve seriesare pilot operated and they are suitable for both refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They are also appropriate for suction services because a very low pressure differential of only 1 psi is required for the valve’s full operation. These valves may be mounted horizontally, on their side or in a vertical line. The Type E19 series solenoid valves feature extended solder type connections as standard. One important benefit to the user is that all valves in the E19 series can be installed without disassembly using either low or no silver content brazing alloy.

Besides these solenoid valve series, offers a large array of other valve types. These valves are either normally closed, normally opened or they can be built in check valves. For a complete list of Sporlan solenoid valves and other Sporlan HVACR components, tools, accessories and parts, you can give us a call. . If you wish to order any Sporlan solenoid valve models, you can do so directly through our website, with the help of our online ordering system located to the left of the screen.

We take pride in being a premium HVAC product wholesaler and our customers always get the best products on the market. We get our HVAC parts directly from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about missing specifications, used parts, low quality components or a wrangled price. What you will receive in a timely fashion will be a 100% original product of the highest quality, all additional bonuses and specifications included.


Sporlan Valve Company is one of the most popular HVAC manufacturers around today. Winners of countless awards and acclaim from technicians, engineers, contractors and users, Sporlan has proudly carried on the legacy of its engineer founders. Founded in 1940, Sporlan gained a reputation for producing great systems for all HVAC needs.

While Sporlan produces a variety of HVAC system components, they are perhaps most famous for their valves, and those who buy Sporlan parts have widely hailed their reliability and dependability. Valves seem fairly simple to those who are unfamiliar with the intricacy involved in HVAC systems, but they are, in many ways, the arteries and veins used to power HVAC systems. Without valves, HVAC systems cannot operate safely. In addition, HVAC systems would be unable to distribute heat and cold air in a safe, effective manner.

Valves are universal in HVAC systems. Whether the system is used in a residential, commercial or industrial environment, valves will play an important role. There are a number of different types of valves; Sporlan expansion valve solutions are crucial for ensuring safety in certain environments, and the Sporlan TXV is viewed as a top-notch expansion valve. Spares ought to be kept on hand to avoid running out of valves, and controls relating to valve function should also be on hand in case problems strike.

Valves are used on pump systems and chilling systems, and many air handler systems rely on valves as well. While most valves do not require any energy, they can be used in conjunction with motors to supply advanced functionality. That said, most valves simply need to be installed correctly and will function appropriately for a lengthy period of time.

Valves are some of the most rugged components of HVAC systems, but problems can occur on occasion. Whether valves are used in hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings or nursing homes, is always wise to ensure that there is a spare nearby. Replacements are not expensive, but having a system go down because of a faulty valve can be incredibly frustrating.

When choosing a valve manufacturer, Sporlan is always a great choice. Sporlan has a considerable amount of experience in making valves and other HVAC components, and the longevity ensures that they have acquired a considerable amount of experience over the years. Whether you are looking to install a completely new HVAC system are simply interested in upgrading component of an existing system, Sporlan can be a great option to consider. Although they lack name recognition outside of HVAC manufacturers, their reputation within the industry is stellar. In addition, the longevity ensures that they will be around for the foreseeable future, and qualified HVAC mechanics know how to work with Sporlan systems. With unique valves and other components, Sporlan Valve Co is an important contributor to the HVAC field.