Buy Replacement Honeywell Damper Motor

Honeywell M7415A Spring Return-Foot Mounted Damper Motor is a 25 lb-in Damper Actuator Motor and provides two-position, three-position, floating or modulating control of economizer systems, ventilation dampers and combustion air dampers used in HVAC equipment.

The M7215 provide 25 lb-in. torque with spring return and 2-10 Vdc modulating control of economizer systems, ventilation and combustion air used in residential or commercial equipment. This has a quiet and high efficiency drive . The has a hHigh impact, glass-fiber reinforced plastic case which makes it strong and lightweight.

The M847D1012 Actuator has features like spring return, direct mount, 2-position, 24 Vac. It is a power open/spring close and should be used with ARD ; ZD . This includes anti-rotation and drive shaft extensions bag assembly.

MSTN ( Switch Terminal) is a power open/ power close with a timing of 30 seconds. It has a voltage of 24 Vac and frequency of 60 Hz. The MSTN is a uni-directional that requires singlepole, double-throw switching to drive the open and closed. It uses a wafer switch to power the synchronous for only 30 seconds while the is moving between open and closed or vice-versa. When the reaches the open or closed position, the internal switches cut off the power to the .

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