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Honeywell company is a leader in the manufacture of various types of . manufactures for a variety of building , process , security and sensing. produces for comfort control, zone regulation, home automation, and intelligent for warmth and heating; effective and economic water for water and drinking water supply in domestic and industrial applications. Indoor air quality is also maintained by electrostatic air cleaning technology.

Honeywell are used by millions of users for the regulation of heating, ventilation and climate control, as well as heating and waster valves, up to complete house and building automation. Building with more than 100 years of experience installs and maintains automated building control that keep workplaces safe, secure, comfortable, cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Group's Process division serves the process and hybrid industries, including refining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, minerals and metals, bulk and batch chemicals, pharmaceuticals and power generation by providing cutting edge automation and control , equipment and services. 's Advanced Energy is an advanced suite of control, monitoring and optimization applications designed specifically for the power generation industry. ’s advanced Alarm Management helps protect plant uptime and safety by reducing losses caused by ineffective alarming.

UniSim simulation and training for validating plant design, verifying control configuration and testing various scenarios. With programmable you can specify different settings for different days of the week and even different times of the day. With programmable thermostats, the heat can be automatically adjusted by setting the thermostat to turn the heat down or up based on specific needs. These energy efficient can help save money by lowering heating bills.

Environmental Combustion and provides integrated product in heating and heating processes, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration, air filtration, zoning, humidification, air conditioning, water and processes, electrical devices and systems, lighting control, buildings , switches, sensors and controllers. 's Environmental Combustion and includes a range of customers like original equipment manufacturers, commercial, homeowners, contractors, retail, trade, building managers, consulting engineers and distributors.

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