Buy Honeywell: Zoning Dampers

The Temperature systems consist of a number of components, such as thermostats, zone temperature controllers and . The are extremely important, as they work with the actuator towards adjusting and further controlling your system.

Their zone consist of a number of models, each with its diverse features and functionality. These are the ZD Rectangular , ARD , EARD (Economizer ), ( ) and SPRD (Static Pressure Regulating ). Let’s take a look at these models and point out there features, functionality and the applications they work best in.

The ZD Rectangular series consists of power close, spring open models made out of solid extruded aluminum, which protects them from corrosive elements or contaminants that could hinder the ’s actions. You don’t need a lot of knowledge and skills in order to install the ZD Rectangular yourself, since it only needs two wires and you benefit from a helpful and reliable mechanical visual position indicator.

The ZD series consists of a large number of of different sizes and of either a square or rectangular design. The models are named after the series’ initials and their width and height in inches. Here’s a complete list of all ZD rectangular Zone : the ZD10x10 , the ZD10x12 , the ZD22x6 , the ZD24x10 , the ZD24x12 , the ZD24x14 , the ZD24x16 , the ZD24x6 , the ZD24x8 , the ZD24x18 , the ZD24x20 , the ZD24x22 , the ZD24x24 , the ZD26x10 , the ZD26x12 , the ZD26x14 , theZD26x16 , the ZD26x18 and the HZD26x20 .

The above are just some of the more common sized zone from them, but the manufacturer also offers model that range from 28 inches wide and 24 inches high or smaller 6x6 models, with either a square or a rectangular design. Choose whichever size you need, so you will be able to perfectly fit your to your system. There is no system size that the company doesn’t have covered by at least one or two zone models.

The ARD zone also come in a large variety of sizes, ranging from 5 to 18 inches. The ARD power close, spring open feature a low leakage gasket, a mechanical visualization positioning system to aid you in manually installing the device, a reinforced construction that increases the life span and the same universal motor used by the ZD series (thus the interchangeability between the two series). The ARD are more common in fresh air applications in home systems. The series consists of the following models: the ARD5 , the ARD6 , the ARD7 , the ARD8 , the ARD9 , the ARD10 , the ARD11 , the ARD12 , theARD13 , the ARD14 , the ARD15 , theARD16 , the ARD17 , theARD18 . The number after the ARD acronym means the inch size of the .

EARD (Economizer ) is not as widely used as the ZD or the ARD series, nor does it consist of so many varied models. The EARD is in essence a 6” design that uses a 24 VAC spring closed and powered open motorized system. Ventilation, fresh air intake, combustion makeup and air conditioning is where the EARD finds usage. The EARD models can be used in other systems, especially with other components like ventilation systems, actuators, control panels or thermostats. Some of the model’s features include an adjustable position range, structure made out of galvanized steel for a corrosion proof body, a quite operation measurement, the ability to be field-converted to a power closed/spring return open , a leakage system, crimped and uncrimped ends and the ability to connect to any rigid or flexible duct.

The series ( ) have found great use in light commercial applications that don’t exceed 2” W.C. sizes and in household appliances. The models are being powered by power closed or power opened, bi-directional motors. These have been primarily used in larger zone systems, or as a bypass when used in combination with a SPC. The series includes the following models, the number after the acronym reflecting the inch size of the : the 5 , the 6 , the 7 , the 8 , the 9 , the 10 , the 11 , the 12 , the 13 , the 14 , the 15 , the 16 , the 17 and the 5 .

Last but not least, the SPRD series consists of of or rectangular shape, using a single- barometric relief system. The is mechanical-operated and has no electrical connections. They can be used in combination of a SPC (static pressure control) system, in case the application it is employed in has a higher pressure then 2000 cfm. The series includes model sizes ranging from 6 to 20 inches and either or rectangular designs, which ever suits your application better.

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