Buy Carrier Evaporator Coils

Carrier is one of the biggest heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration companies to date, achieving this status by providing excellent services for residential, commercial and industrial venues. The company managed to reach first place in all three communities, their success being based on their great line of control products, ranging from boilers, gas furnaces, air cleaners, oil furnaces, heat pumps, fan s, s, central air conditioners, room air conditioners, humidifiers, standby generators, thermostats, ventilators, zoning products and zone valves. Their line of s is worth mentioning, since it is being used in hundreds of thousands of systems all over the World.

All s fall under the manufacturer’s Series line of products and the list includes the following s: the CD5P – CD5A , the CK5A – CK5P , the CK5B , the CC5A , the CK3B , the CF5A and the CE3A s. Let’s take a closer look at each and analyze their design and point out the features that each has to offer.

The CD5P - CD5A is specifically built for upflow or downflow applications, featuring two drain connections for added safety and reliability. The thermoplastic drain pan is great for eliminating rusting effects, providing a lasting durability. The CD5P uses Puron refrigerant technology, one of the company's greatest innovations, internationally recognized for its environmentally friendly operation and reliability. The CD5A on the other hand features the patented AccuRater metering system, which helps to ensure proper system functionality and operation. These two evaporation s have specific features that enhance your comfort and allow for better energy saving operation, reducing end-of-the-month energy bills. Both s come with a standard 5 year warranty from the company.

The CK5A – CK5P is also designed for both upflow and downflow applications, but it features an insulated case painted cabinet and a tapered drain pan that helps in the water elimination process if there is standing water in the system (which could prove hazardous to the device as algae, dirt and mold can build up and block the system or hinder it). Just like with the CD5 series, the ending letter from the name’s acronym states the technology that the uses: A for AccuRater technology and P for the environmentally friendly Puron refrigeration technology. These s also come standard with a 5 year warranty, which proves to be more than sufficient.

The CK5B uses an embossed cabinet and an insulated case in its upflow and downflow operations. Similar to the other s from the CK5 series, the CK5B Model features a tapered drain pan that helps eliminate standing water where algae, mildew, dirt and mold might pile up and hinder the system’s efficiency. The ’s designed-in components and features help maximize efficiency while minimizing your utility costs. The CK5B comes with a standard 5 year limited warranty as well.

The CC5A offers a unique pyramid shaped design, which allows it to be totally enclosed in the ductwork system during the installation process. It’s uncased design and tapered drain pan offer quick and easy maintenance and the double drain and sweat connections thoroughly increase the ’s reliability. Using the AccuRater patented technology to meter system operation, the CC5A gains yet another point in user-friendliness and in ease of installation and configuration. Needless to say, this comes with the exceptional 5 year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

The CF5A is similar in design to the CC5A Carrier , but it is specifically designed for manufactured housing installations. The ’s down-turned mechanical connections make the installation process much easier, fitting perfectly on the Coleman, Intertherm and Miller furnaces (but not restricted to these manufacturers) that are often used in manufactured homes. Every CF5A is protected by a 5 year warranty with extended parts and system warranties also available.

The last , the CE3A is a cased slab with a horizontal designed, used for tight installations where a more robust and wide would not fit. Apart from that, the features all of the other s’ characteristics, such as an AccuRater metering device for proper system operation, a tapered drain pan for the elimination of standing water and the 5 year warranty from the company. Another thing that gives uniqueness to this is its two drain connections that use brass inserts, which help increase safety and reliability.

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