Buy Carrier Boilers Parts

With Carrier being the largest heating control company in the world, there's no wonder their and s have become some of the most sought-after products in residential, small commercial and industrial environments. Their s offer a responsive heating system that provides , safety and warmth for your home; features that come at unbeatable prices and some of the best top values you will find among the most reputable manufacturers all over the World.

The company offers three Performance and two Comfort. The Performance includes: the Performance 90 Gas BW 9 , the Performance 86 Gas and Oil BW 4/BW 5 and the Performance 84 Gas and Oil BW 3. The two Comfort are as follows: the Comfort 80 Gas and Oil BW 1 and BW 2 and the Comfort 80 Gas and Oil BS 1 and BS 2 . Let's take a look at each characteristics and unique features, and see how they can suit your needs best.

The Performance 90 Gas and Oil BW9 come in two varieties, namely -fired and -fired. These s are ideal as a heat source for more traditional radiant heating systems, since they deliver immediate right when you need it and their high reliability will have you using this with any upcoming heating systems that you are going to install. These energy efficient can save up to 20% of total heating costs and will surely come in quite useful in the long run. Speaking of the future, these s will surely last a long time, since they use a cast aluminum heat exchanger that transfers heat up to three times faster than conventional s that use a cast iron heat exchanger, plus the aluminum makes it much more durable over time. Even in the odd case that the would suffer a breakdown, the 5 year parts limited warranty and the 15 year heat exchanger warranty will prove to be more than enough.

Other features of the Performance 90 Gas s are as follows: an integrated control option, which provides responsive heating and reliable operation; an induced draft fan that draws fresh combustible air while also ventilating possibly dangerous flue through the roof; a PVC pipe option that can combine with your existing system for a more able, easier and economical installation process; and a pressure relief valve that protects the entire system from overheating and eliminates excessive pressure build-ups, providing an extremely reliable and safe operation for your entire heating system.

The Carrier Performance 86 Oil BW 4/BW 5 are -fired hot water s that provide an energy efficient solution, saving up to 15-20% of the total energy a normal would spend. It has a cast iron design, in contrast with the Performance 90 , which has an aluminum body. The swing burner door provides easy and able access to the , so that maintenance is extremely simple. Providing one of the longest warranties on the market, 20 years for the heat exchanger and 5 years for the entire unit, the Performance 86 Oil s are excellent choices for residential heating systems as well as for smaller office or commercial applications.

The last model from the Performance , the Performance 84 Gas and Oil BW 3, is constructed with top class original components, delivering consistent heat and temperature control without drafts or noises, which are sometimes associated with forced-air systems. The 84 comes in either a or an -based model and as with all Performance s, they are extremely adept at saving energy. The stainless steel or titanium alloy composite burners provide the quiet operation and improved efficiency needed to make this line of s top of its line. The small compact design and fiberglass insulated casing provide maximum economy and an easy installation and maintenance process. Like the 86 , the Performance 84 Gas and Oil BW 3 come with a 20 year warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5 year warranty for the entire unit.

The Comfort of s is represented by the Comfort 80 Gas and Oil BW 1 and BW 2 and the Comfort 80 Gas and Oil BS 1 and BS 2 . Both these are constructed from top-quality original components and they provide customized for the end user. They are energy efficient and have an AFUE rating of up to 81.6%, which means a lot in the long run. The BS come with a standard standing pilot or an optional electronic ignition control and an electric vent damper. They are smaller, but so is the warranty. If the BW Comfort comes with a 20 year warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5 year one for each part, the BS Comfort are only awarded a 12 year warranty for the heat exchanger and a 5 one for the entire unit. This however should prove sufficient, since any that lasts for 12 years without a breakdown has served its purpose well.

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