Buy Snyder General Hot Surface Ignitors Parts

Snyder General ignitors work in various ways depending on the design of the heating system. This is the most commonly used ignition system today. All that is required is a flame sensor to detect the ignitor glow and open the main burner valve. Snyder General ignitors are reliable, inexpensive and the electronic controls are also cost-effective.

Snyder General ignitors are usually made from materials like carbide, silicon or nitride. When electricity passes through, they glow red hot. The Snyder General ignitor works like a bulb filament. Normally, the ignitor last for 3-5 years, but if there is a crack the ignitor should be replaced.

A Snyder General ignitor may lose effectiveness due to premature failure. This occurs from improper handling. Normally, this happens when oil from the skin gets into the element. Another reason why Snyder General ignitors may perform incorrectly is improper ignitor or high electric current. Dirty filters can also be a reason why the ignitor won’t work.

The Snyder General ignition is a good system. It is vital, however, not to touch the element. Oil from the fingers can cause problems with the ignitor element. Modern gas furnaces use a ignitor. Here are some ways to change a Snyder General ignitor in your gas furnace.

1. Completely turn off the power to the furnace from the electrical breaker box.

2. Take off the top panel of the furnace.

3. The bottom panel which covers the ignitor and the motor should be removed. Be careful in turning off the gas valve. This is a very dangerous step. If you smell gas around the furnace, have your furnace checked by your gas company.

4. Look for the ignitor and unplug the electrical wiring.

5. Remove the screw and pull out the ignitor.

6. Insert the Snyder General ignitor and put back the screw. Plug the electrical wiring and put back the furnace panel. Now, all you have to do is test the furnace and turn it on.