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McQuay Handlers come in two types - indoor and outdoor. In the outdoor category there is the Skyline Outdoor Handler which can handle 900 to 65,000 cfm. The key features are flexibility with custom modular platform and many component options. It has high efficiency in operation due to its efficient fans and comes factory fitted with curb-ready base rail and heavy duty lifting lugs. As an option, a roof curb kit for different heights is also available. The panels are designed in such a way that they are easy to remove making servicing and maintenance easy. The RoofPak Models RDS and RAH are 4000 to 50,000 cfm. They are designed with blow through cooling coil configurations. The construction is for long running and the modular design makes it highly reliable and sturdy. It also complies with the IBC seismic requirements.

Mcquay indoor handling unit model, Destiny Indoor Handler, can handle 600 to 15,000 cfm. This handler comes in vertical and horizontal configurations and has a strong double walled design. It ensures very quiet functioning since the internal fan and motor are isolated. It comes with ARI certified fan performance on all unit sizes. Maintenance is easy since there is easy accessibility to both sides of the interior of the unit. The Vision Indoor Handler can handle 900 to 100,000 cfm. The variable dimensioning feature makes for huge flexibility, allowing sizing of units in two-inch increments. It comes with Vision SeleTools software selection program to configure and setup both customized as well as standard units. The performance based on which fan or motor is used can be seen immediately, which helps in making a better decision on part selection.

Destiny Indoor Handler 600 to 15,000 cfm

•Vertical and horizontal configurations

•Rugged, double-wall construction

•Internally isolated fan and motor for quiet operation

•IAQ compliant stainless steel drain pan

•ARI certified fan performance on all unit sizes

•Easy access on both sides to unit interior

Vision Indoor Handler 900 to 100,000 cfm

•Flexibility—custom modular platform and our Variable Dimensioning™ feature

•Operating efficiency—efficient fan selections and energy recovery

•Easy, low cost installation—ships assembled or by section

•Easy maintenance and serviceability—easy to remove access panels

•Indoor quality—low leakage cabinet

The Side-by-Side Arrangement with ERW option provides an alternative solution for height restricted energy recovery applications, saving up to 70 inches of height. It offers more configuration flexibility to suit building needs, making it ideal for use in new construction applications with small or restricted access areas. The side-by-side arrangement with ERW is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and schools because it provides a cost-effective and efficient method of recovering exhaust energy and moisture, helping to lower energy costs, improve indoor quality, and increase occupant comfort levels.

The Dual Belt-Drive Plenum Fans option provides at least 60 percent redundancy and can be selected to provide 100 percent redundancy. Incorporating the option reduces potential downtime and provides building owners with peace of mind knowing their assets have added protection.

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