Buy AAF-Herman Nelson steam coil Parts

The AAF-Herman Nelson steam coil parts are generally made up of copper to avoid corrosion. They are also bonded with an aluminum made corrugated plate fin/s. As a requirement by the ARI; the steam coils have an air brake separating it from the other coils.

They have an installed factory equalizing pressure valve/unit as well as a 24" (610mm) equalizing line. The purpose of this line is to terminate a ½ M.P.T fitting. When using the MicroTech 11 technique, it is recommended that the steam water connections lie on opposite sides.

They measure 1-1/8" female or sweat connections. The terminate measures 9" (229mm). Steam coils run vertically unlike all the other coils which run horizontally. However, there are times when run horizontally but rarely. If they do, they are not exactly horizontal but are slightly inclined to allow the condensate to flow freely. Steam coils are built with double tubes to improve their level of resistance. They are engineered as per the requirements of the ARI standard 410.

Also they have an inbuilt manual air vent to enhance cooling and have a high efficiency in heat transfer and energy consumption. This is one of the major advantages boast of. Steam coils are structured with the capability to transferring high or larger amounts of heat in form of energy more than any other form of coil heat exchange.

The AAF-Herman Nelson steam coil parts require careful installation to make sure that the condensate is well drained. If the coils are not arranged carefully, this may cause water to clog on the tube of the coil causing a dilemma referred to as ‘water hammer disaster’. This is caused by the condensate which is being pushed by the steam at a speed of over 100km/hr.The steam coils run to and fro the end- plates in a systematic manner to allow air to flow perpendicularly through the tubes.