Buy Erie Actuators

The mechanical devices that are used for moving or controlling a mechanism or system are called actuators. actuators are the best in their segment. The damper actuators by are available for spring return and motor return applications. actuators have an optional end switch which helps in quick and easy mounting and usage.

also manufactures a variety of, controls and HVAC parts. Some excellent HVAC parts include damper actuators, temperature controllers, zone , modulating , and boiler boss controls.

is also well-known in the industry for manufacturing various ss of thermostats. T200 Ss Thermostats has seven different models which provide HVAC using varying degrees of heating, cooling, and fan control abilities. Three different models within the T200 ss also offer freeze protection. T155 Ss Thermostats has five models and some models in this ss feature fan control. The T500 Ss Thermostats have four-pipe or two-pipe heating and cooling system as well as either Celsius or Fahrenheit controls. All the models in this ss have three-speed fan control.

also manufactures high quality that are durable as well as affordable. These can be used for residential, industrial or commercial purposes. The motorized and modulating are the most popular by . The motorized come in four different types that include 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sweat , 1/2" and 3/4" NPT/Rp , Inverted flare union , 1" NPT/Rp valve. The modulating by are compact, electric that serve various heating, ventilation and air conditioning and can be either spring return or non-spring return operated. You can choose from VM Ss PopTop Modulating or Globe at HVAC PLUS.

The hydronic zone by are available in two different ss-C ss hydronic zone and R ss hydronic zoner . C ss hydronic zone are motorized and are applicable in most heating and air conditioning functions. The R ss hydronic zone are made of brass, they work in both hot and cold water and also come with a two year warranty.