Buy Zoneline

Zoneline, a GE brand, is a line of packaged air conditioning units for use in commercial and industrial HVAC applications. They are arguably and without doubt, the most energy efficient industrial and commercial air conditioning heating units available for sale today. Used mainly in hotels and motels and resort type commercial applications, the brand of energy efficient air conditioners and heaters are the best there are.

The newest incarnation of the brand is the versatile GE 2900 & 3900 packaged terminal air conditioners and heating units. They incorporate all new features that make them superior to their competitors heating and cooling brands. All new L shaped coils which create more room for the coils without making the air conditioning unit any bigger, electronic touch controls for simple and reliable temperature control, and an energy efficient energy saving sleep mode that gradually heats or cools the room to an ideal temperature in the morning or in the evenings, when temperatures are most likely to fluctuate. A newly designed cross flow blower gives the units quieter operation while not at all reducing the force with which the air blows. Heat Sentinel and Freeze Sentinel settings automatically prevent overheating and freezing when temperatures fluctuate.

HVAC air conditioning and heating units offer complete, energy efficient solutions for many commercial and industrial applications, not just hotels, motels and resorts. They can be used in offices, conference rooms and anywhere a small, energy efficient and highly adaptable climate control system unit is needed. also designs and manufactures all of the replacement and maintenance parts you'll ever need for your brand air conditioning and heating systems.

The highest quality standards are used in the manufacturing of each and every brand air conditioning unit. Each unit is rigorously tested before ever leaving the manufacturing plant to ensure correct and maximum energy efficient operation. The brand of commercial and industrial air conditioning and heating systems from GE guarantee that all of your commercial and industrial heating and cooling needs will be met in the most energy efficient manner available in the market today.