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White Rodgers is a premium company handling HVAC control appliances and components, one of their most important stands being made in the field of temperature control. The quality of these White Rodgers temperature control products and accessories meets the market’s demands and is directly related to the quality of the White Rodgers Company. Let’s take a look at some of the most common White Rodgers temperature control products that HVAC technicians, engineers, OEM’s, homeowners and contractors use in their appliances, namely White Rodgers thermostats.

The White Rodgers Control Company offers a complete line of mechanical thermostats, programmable thermostats and non programmable thermostats, which can be used in a large variety of HVAC applications and equipment, including home, commercial and industrial ones. Each thermostat is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer before releasing it on the market, so you are guaranteed a high reliability and a low breakdown ratio. Above all these, White Rodgers thermostats come with solid warranties, which show the trust that the manufacturer puts in their own products.

There are several types of thermostats that White Rodgers produces, including single stage thermostats, multi stage thermostats, line voltage thermostats, electric thermostats and heat pump thermostats. These quality devices are backed up by a good variety of accessories and additions such as thermostat guards, humidity controls, thermostat special purpose controls, thermostat remote sensors, temperature controls or evaporating cooling controls. The manufacturer even gives you the opportunity to install the thermostat yourself, by offering a “Learn to Program Your White Rodgers Thermostat” online manual, which you can find on the following link: http://www.white-rodgers.com/common/ptech/ptech_thermo.htm .

The product line of White Rodgers digital thermostats is available in three distinct feature sets, categorized for price and usage: the White Rodgers Premium 90 Series Thermostat, the White Rodgers Standard 80 Series Thermostat and the White Rodgers Economy 70 Series Thermostat. All White-Rodgers programmable thermostats fall in the category of Energy Saving Products and many meet the certified Energy Star guidelines. Electronic thermostats from White-Rodgers are ideal for zoning system control and the new Comfort Alert Copeland Scroll compressor protection. When your need is temperature control, White Rodgers has thermostat or control for you.

Single stage thermostats come in both programmable and non programmable models. The programmable thermostats come in various temperature setting programs, ranging from 24 hour programs, 5+2 (weekdays + weekend) programs, 5+1+1 (weekdays + Saturday and Sunday separately) and 7 Days programs. They can be either powered by 24 Volt systems, hardwired, battery powered or powered by Millivolt systems.

Mechanical single stage versions can handle both heating and cooling, or they can be designed for cooling only. They come in both horizontal and vertical bodies, for a better integration in your HVAC system and on the surface you choose to attach it in. They can use a snap action or a mercury cell and most models come in neutral or light colors, so they can be fitted in most environments without looking awkward.

The selection of White Rodgers multi stage thermostats is not as wide as the single stage thermostats one. The multi stage thermostats can be used in home environments or commercial applications, or they can suit both systems nicely. The White Rodgers 90 Series Thermostats includes the following multi stage models: the White Rodgers 1F95-377 universal 7-day programmable thermostat, the White Rodgers 1F93-380 commercial 7-day programmable thermostat, the White Rodgers 1F95-391 universal 7-day programmable thermostat, the White Rodgers 1F92-371 universal 5+2 programmable thermostat and the White Rodgers 1F95-371 commercial 7-day programmable thermostat. To view a more detailed technical review of each of these models, you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

Line voltage thermostats are further categorized in White Rodgers line voltage wall thermostats with open on rise (models 1A65-641, 1A66-641, 1A65-610, 1A65-633, and 1A66-633), White Rodgers bimetal wall thermostats (models 1G65-641, 1G66-641, 1G65-633 and 1G66-633) White Rodgers light duty SPDT thermostats (1A10-651 and 1A11-2), White Rodgers heavy duty SPDT thermostats (1A16-51 and 201-8 models), White Rodgers line voltage thermostats for cooling (models 151-6 close on rise and 179-1 single pole double throw) and White Rodgers live voltage thermostats for heating (models 152-9 open on rise and 179-1 single point double throw).

White Rodgers heat pump thermostats come in the standard White Rodgers 90, White Rodgers 80, White Rodgers 70 and White Rodgers Mechanical thermostat series, but this line of products also offers two models of outdoor heat pump thermostats: the White Rodgers 2B61-186 open on rise heat pump thermostat and the White Rodgers 2B61-430 open on rise heat pump thermostat with a stamped temperature indicator. These thermostats are extremely useful in larger heating applications, including commercial and industrial ones.

All these thermostats and thermostat accessories that can be found in the White Rodgers catalog and many more, can be ordered directly from our site. Besides thermostats and temperature control products, we offer a large gamut of White Rodgers products, including White Rodgers valves, White Rodgers repair kits, White Rodgers pressure switches, White Rodgers relays, White Rodgers parts, or any other White Rodgers product. We get our products directly from the manufacturer and we guarantee that they are of top quality and 100% original. Ordering through us is easy and the process offers you a cheap, comfortable alternative to other shopping means.


White Rodgers has earned its reputation for quality and reliability through products that maximize HVAC performance and efficiency. White Rodgers is an Emerson Climate Technologies brand now, but has a long history as an innovative, leading-edge manufacturer of thermostats and controls. Today, White Rodgers thermostats are chosen by HVAC professionals and property owners who want the assurance of precise climate control for furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners and humidifiers.

White Rodgers Non-Programmable Thermostats

These controls are affordable and very effective. You can buy White Rodgers thermostats in more than 10 non-programmable models to fit the capabilities of your heating, air conditioning, ventilation or humidification systems. Most can be hard-wired or operated by battery. Three-wire and four-wire models give you options for the number of components you intend to have the thermostat control. Single-stage and multi-stage White Rodgers non-programmable thermostats feature options like presets, sleep and away.

These units are built for 24V and millivolt systems. Most have bright blue displays that are backlit for easier ready and adjustments. Screens are 2" square to 4" square. White Rodgers Series 80 models and Emerson Blue models are part of this lineup. Many are made for universal replacement and for new construction applications.

White Rodgers Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat can help cut energy use and costs by 30% or more when properly used. Turning down the HVAC system when a home or building is empty is the key. Programmable thermostats from White Rodgers allow for up to four programmed adjustments each day. You can buy White Rodgers thermostats in programmable single-stage and staged units to support the performance of your HVAC system. Select a 7-day programmable White Rodgers thermostat if your schedule varies throughout the week. If you've got a typical workweek with weekends off, a 5-2 or 5+1+1 system will suit your lifestyle better.

Many of these White Rodgers programmable thermostats offer humidification and dehumidification control. Three-wire and four-wire models are available for the control of every type of system included two-stage heat pumps and furnaces. Most of the models feature universal application as replacement thermostats.

Blue Selecto Thermostats

These are the first Spanish language thermostats on the market. They are produced in a variety of models to match the performance of the system they control.

White Rodgers Line Voltage Thermostats

These controls feature easy installation and outstanding durability. They are produced in bimetal designs, light-duty and heavy-duty models, tamper-proof units and many with locked cases.

No matter which White Rodgers model you need, you'll find it at HVAC Plus. Buy White Rodgers thermostats at unbeatable prices, and we'll quickly ship your order on the next truck headed your way.