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White-Rodgers has a complete line of products and controls for your HVACR project. Founded in 1937, White-Rodgers is now part of Emerson Climate Technologies. The company operates seven manufacturing facilities world wide, employing over 3,500 people and supplying products throughout the world. White-Rodgers is well known and a preferred choice of OEM design engineers and aftermarket contractors and installers. End uses of controls include gas furnaces, gas dryers and gas water heaters, for residential and light commercial applications. Whether your need is a thermostat, gas valve, ignition control or air cleaner and humidifier, White-Rodgers is the name trusted by contractors for quality and reliability.

White-Rodgers is the name for electronic thermostats. Whatever your need or application is - residential, light commercial or commercial in single stage, multi-stage or heat pump. White-Rodgers covers them all with premium thermostats in the White-Rodgers 90 Series, standard thermostats in the White-Rodgers 80 Series and economy thermostats in the White-Rodgers 70 Series - all available in programmable and non-programmable models.

Among their large range of products you can mention: • AIR CLEANERS - Media Air Cleaner, Electronic Air Cleaner, Filter Replacement • THERMOSTATS - Programmable, Non-programmable, Mechanical • Indoor Air Quality – Humidifiers • Refrigeration – temperature control/ Ice Bank Controls

White-Rodgers offers a complete line of programmable thermostats, non programmable thermostats and mechanical thermostats for the above applications. White-Rodgers digital thermostats are available in three distinct feature sets and price points with the Premium 90 Series Thermostat, Standard 80 Series Thermostat and Economy 70 Series Thermostat. All White-Rodgers programmable thermostats fall in the category of Energy Saving Products and many meet Energy Star guidelines. Electronic thermostats from White-Rodgers are ideal for zoning system control and the new Comfort Alert Copeland Scroll compressor protection. When your need is temperature control, White-Rodgers has a thermostat or control for you.

www.whiterodgers.com is the company website for White-Rodgers, maker of high-quality HVACR products for contractors. The site offers a wealth of information on White-Rodgers' products, including different sections for Homeowners, Contractors, OEMs, and Wholesalers; within each of those categories, there is Product Information and Specifications, a complete Product Catalog, a search/cross-reference function for parts and model numbers, and New Products. There is also a company history and a way to contact the sales department. If you're a contractor with HVACR needs, go online and visit www.whiterodgers.com.


White-Rodgers, a company founded in 1937, is the developer of an industrial HVAC product line that has everything for your residential and commercial systems. Since its inception, White-Rodgers has been absorbed by Emerson Climate Technologies, and it continues to produce world-class heating, ventilation and air conditioning products. Today, White-Rodgers has nearly 4,000 capable employees and owns seven factories globally.

OEM engineers recognize White-Rodgers as an elite producer of HVAC parts. The parts produced by White-Rodgers include controls, fan motors, evaporator motors, blower motors, humidifiers and gas valves. Contractors come to White-Rodgers both for spares and for major production needs, as they know the company will provide the best quality for the best price, no matter the scope of the project.

When it comes to electronic thermostats, White-Rodgers is among the most trusted names. When you need to heat or cool important establishments like homes, nursing homes, schools and hospitals, you can depend on White-Rodgers. Even commercial buildings that require different solutions for HVAC, such as office buildings and hotels, can use White-Rodgers products to complete their construction. You can choose from elite thermostats in the White-Rodgers 90 series, mid-line thermostats in the 80 series and well-priced thermostats in the 70 series. No matter the series, you can get a thermostat with or without programming options.

When you purchase a White-Rodgers programmable thermostat, you know that you are getting an environmentally friendly and money-saving product. These thermostats are designed to be energy efficient and last. They are all Energy Saving Products and some are Energy Star certified. If you need zoning system control, White-Rodgers' thermostats are perfect for your needs. They also work well for the Comfort Alert Copeland Scroll compressor protection. With White-Rodgers, you have sophisticated controls that are easy to use. You can visit www.whiterodgers.com for more information on this elite manufacturer of HVAC products. Parts are separated into easy to use categories and have complete descriptions so you know exactly what you are purchasing before you commit.

Go to HVAC Plus to see an entire catalogue of White-Rodgers products, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. Replacement parts and production parts for all of their lines are available with no hassle in the easy to navigate menus. Both contractors and small project managers can rely on HVAC Plus to have a range of parts and accurate descriptions for all of them. Browse the catalogue to find the parts you need.