Buy White Rodgers Parts

In 1937, the White-Rodgers company was founded, and has been incorporated into Emerson Climate Technologies. White-Rodgers supplies a full line of HVAC thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners and controls that are energy-efficient. These parts include those that are used in a variety of HVAC systems in industrial applications. The components manufactured by White-Rodgers are produced in worldwide facilities, and HVAC systems throughout the globe use these components on a regular basis.

The name White-Rodgers is known for its excellent craftsmanship, along with its performance, which is superior and efficient in its use of energy. Their superior thermostats and heating and cooling controls can be used in multiple ways in a variety of applications including those required by commercial and industrial facilities. Humidifiers and air cleaners are also made by this company in order to make the air cleaner and to help make the environment in a number of buildings more comfortable. These devices are created with the good of the environment in the forefront, in addition to energy efficiency. In fact, a large amount of the components used in HVAC systems that are produced by White-Rodgers have efficient energy usage and are friendly to the environment. Energy Star has also rated these devices. They have been shown to fulfill energy saving standard requirements.

Among White-Rodgers' complete line of heating and cooling controls are thermostats that are both programmable and non-programmable. These applications are found in HVAC systems in commercial and industrial fields. Mechanical thermostats that are manufactured by this company are also varied in their applicability in these fields. There are three separate series of thermostats. The greatest climate control requirements are satisfied by the higher end thermostats. The balanced control option can be found with thermostats of the middle grade. The greatest energy efficiency can be found with the economy thermostats. This thermostat is found in a simple package that is easy to use.

As a company, White-Rodgers maintains its leadership position in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry when it comes to the controls of this field. The company also excels in creating products that are known for being eco-friendly and energy-efficient. If you have a need for highly energy-efficient controls and products regarding heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications, feel confident that you can rely on White-Rodgers to supply these items, knowing you are sure to receive the highest quality and most environmentally-friendly products and controls available.