Buy white rodgers heat pump thermostat

The White Rodgers Control Company presents mechanical thermostats, programmable thermostats and non programmable thermostats, which can be used in a large variety of HVAC applications and equipment, including home, commercial and industrial ones. White Rodgers produces several types of thermostats, including single stage thermostats, multi stage thermostats, line voltage thermostats, electric thermostats and heat pump thermostats. These quality devices are backed up by a good variety of accessories and additions such as thermostat guards, humidity controls, thermostat special purpose controls, thermostat remote sensors, temperature controls or evaporating cooling controls. White Rodgers heat pump thermostats come in the standard White Rodgers 90, White Rodgers 80, White Rodgers 70 and White Rodgers Mechanical thermostat series, but this line of products also offers two models of outdoor heat pump thermostats: the White Rodgers 2B61-186 open on rise heat pump thermostat and the White Rodgers 2B61-430 open on rise heat pump thermostat with a stamped temperature indicator. These thermostats are extremely useful in larger heating applications, including commercial and industrial ones. Next is heat pump thermostat from Honeywell. Honeywell programmable heat pump thermostat offers the highest quality temperature control for residential multistage heat pump systems and with full seven-day program capability; different schedules and temperature set-points may be selected for every day to fit any schedule. The Honeywell T8611G2028 thermostat is the top of the line multi-stage (two stage) heat pump thermostat from Honeywell. Totaline thermostats offer you a unique design that will blend in with any room decor. Totaline thermostats will work in almost any residential or commercial application. The LCD is extra large with a backlit display making it easy to read. All these features and more make this thermostat your thermostat of choice! Totaline thermostats are of two types programmable and non programmable. Totaline programmable thermostats are easy to use, reliable, beautifully styled and also very easy to install. The temperature sensor is located on the thermostat, so place the thermostat where temperature control is most important to you — your bedroom, the boss's office, a baby's room, etc.

The White Rodgers Control Company produces a comprehensive range of thermostats. Along with Honeywell, Robertshaw Controls and Totaline, White Rodgers is one of the top-rated manufacturers of universal and replacement controls in the industry. It makes controls for all types of split system and package unit HVAC systems. Its heat pump controls are preferred by HVAC contractors for their quality and reliability. Homeowners select White Rodgers heat pump controls for the outstanding indoor comfort they produce. These White Rodgers heat pump thermostats bear the nameplate of Emerson, the parent company of noted HVAC brands like White Rodgers, Copeland, Browning, Dixell, Fusite and others.

This brand makes several lines of heat pump thermostats. You can buy White Rodgers heat pump thermostat models in all of these lines right here at HVAC Plus. We supply contractors, maintenance engineers and property owners with a tremendous selection of White Rodgers controls at the lowest prices available.

Emerson White Rodgers Programmable Universal Staging Thermostats

If you've got a two-stage heat pump, this series of controls is an ideal choice. It will help you maximize the performance of the heat pump when heating, cooling and dehumidifying. Three of the top heat pump thermostats in this series are the 1HDEZ-1521 Emerson Inspire Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System, the 1HDEZ-1521 Emerson Inspire Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System and the 1F95-1291 Emerson Big Blue 12" Humidity Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat.

One of the key features of these models include programmable scheduling for heating and cooling that can reduce energy use while ensuring that your home is always comfortable when you get up in the morning or arrive home. You also have your choice of models with 7-day or 5+1+1 day scheduling. You can buy White Rodgers heat pump thermostat units in this series with three-wire and four-wire capability.

Emerson White Rodgers Non-Programmable Universal Thermostats

These models cost less than programmable heat pump thermostats, but they don't offer the same built-in energy savings. They are a good choice for conscientious homeowners who adjust their thermostats to accommodate their schedules. Some of the top models in this category are the 1F83-0471 Emerson Blue 4" Thermostat with three heat and 2 cooling stages, the 1F83-0422 Emerson Blue 4" Thermostat with a 4-square inch blue display and two heat/one cooling states and the 1F89EZ-0251 Emerson Blue Heat Pump Thermostat with your choice of hard-wiring or battery operation.

Whatever the requirements of the system, you can buy White Rodgers heat pump thermostat models to optimize performance and efficiency. HVAC Plus has the thermostats you want at prices you'll love. We seek to earn your repeat business with great service and prompt shipping of every order.