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White-Rodgers has a complete line of products and controls for your HVACR project. Founded in 1937, White-Rodgers is now part of Emerson Climate Technologies. The company operates seven manufacturing facilities world wide, employing over 3,500 people and supplying products throughout the world. White-Rodgers is well known and a preferred choice of OEM design engineers and aftermarket contractors and installers. End uses of controls include gas furnaces, gas dryers and gas water heaters, for residential and light commercial applications. Whether your need is a thermostat, gas valve, ignition control or air cleaner and humidifier, White-Rodgers is the name trusted by contractors for quality and reliability.

www.whiterodgers.com is the company website for White-Rodgers, maker of high-quality HVACR products for contractors. The site offers a wealth of information on White-Rodgers' products, including different sections for Homeowners, Contractors, OEMs, and Wholesalers; within each of those categories, there is Product Information and Specifications, a complete Product Catalog, a search/cross-reference function for parts and model numbers, and New Products. There is also a company history and a way to contact the sales department. If you're a contractor with HVACR needs, go online and visit www.whiterodgers.com.

White-Rodgers has been supplying the HVACR industry with reliable, accurate controls and thermostats since its founding in 1937. The company is now owned by Emerson Climate Technologies, but White-Rodgers quality and performance continues. Contractors, property owners and homeowners buy White-Rodgers thermostats for dependable climate control and quality performance.

Buy White-Rodgers Mechanical Thermostats

When you're looking for a good-quality, basic and affordable thermostat, you can't go wrong with White-Rodgers mechanical models. They are non-programmable, single-stage controls that deliver basic heating and cooling or fan-only modes. Popular White-Rodgers mechanical thermostats include the 1E56N-444 White-Rodgers and 1E56N-361 White-Rodgers thermostats. Both feature mercury-free design and single-stage control. They are universal replacement thermostats for heating and cooling systems.

Buy White-Rodgers Non-Programmable Digital Thermostats

If you prefer the accuracy of a digital thermostat but don't want to pay top-dollar, these thermostats offer a solution. You've got single-stage and multistage thermostats in this collection. Single-stage models offers standard on-off performance of the heating and cooling system. You'll find thermostats from the popular White-Rodgers 70 Series and 80 Series thermostats in this collection. Best-sellers include the 1F86-344 White-Rodgers 80 Series and 1F78-144 White-Rodgers 70 Series thermostats that function on 24VAC or millivolt systems.

The multistage, non-programmable thermostats are the right choice if you've got a two-stage furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. These controls will maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system and keep your indoor climate very comfortable. Models with three stages of heat and two stages of AC include the 1F83-277 White-Rodgers 80 Series thermostat that works with heat pumps and standard split systems featuring a central air conditioner and a furnace. It's dual-powered with hard wiring and a battery. Models with two stages of heating and cooling include the 1F83-261 White-Rodgers 80 Series multistage thermostat.

White-Rodgers also makes programmable single-stage and multistage thermostats. You'll find 80 Series and 90 Series thermostats in this collection. The 1F85-277 White-Rodgers 80 Series programmable thermostat supports heat pumps as well as air conditioners and can be programmed for a 7-day or 5+1+1 schedule. The 1F93-380 White-Rodgers 90 Series programmable thermostat is designed for commercial use. It supports heat pumps too, and offers a 7-day heating and cooling schedule.

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