Buy Whalen Water Furnace Parts

Founded in 1962 by James Whalen, the Whalen Company got its start when its founder was able to patent fan coil units that had a vertical riser heat exchange element. These fan coil units were made for cooling systems in buildings with multiple stories, either residential or commercial. This was a unique invention and it enabled large multi-floor structures to be heated and cooled uniformly.

Currently, these fan coil units are used widely in the HVAC systems of many different large buildings that serve both commercial and industrial purposes. The parts and systems developed by James Whalen are used in the HVAC systems of motels, hotels, universities, hospitals, and offices, and a variety of other buildings with more than one floor. HVAC technicians performing installations favor these fan coil units because they are very efficient.

Projects involving the renovation of certain buildings have used the Whalen Company technology as well. These renovation projects removed the entire heating and cooling systems in various commercial and industrial buildings and replaced them with the more efficient systems patented by Whalen. In industrial and commercial HVAC, the Whalen Company offers customers a wide variety of options. Whalen's heating and cooling mechanisms are built to conform to any type of building application, rather than requiring the building to be modified to meet the requirements of the HVAC system. The technological flexibility of their system is one of the things that keeps customers who use Whalen Company's commercial heating and cooling mechanisms happy.

Many companies have tried to imitate Whalen Company's innovation, but their riser heat exchanger fan coil units are unique, and no other company can outdo, let alone match, Whalen Company's reliability and quality. The Whalen Company takes pride in their history as innovators of this fan coil system, and as they excel at paving the way using their groundbreaking technology, they also are continually excelling with their top-notch customer service and standards. Whalen Company is committed to continuing their legacy of innovation, efficiency, and high standards in the commercial and industrial heating and cooling mechanisms and systems. As the HVAC world and technology grows and develops, the Whalen Company is determined to stay one step ahead of the competition in pioneering new heating and cooling technologies. As they do this, they will remain the top company in this field and can continue to bring new and inventive heating and cooling solutions to light.