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WEATHER MAKER is a great product line from Carrier.

The WeatherMaker® Two-Zone System allows the air conditioning and heating equipment to control temperatures in 2 distinct spaces or zones within a building. Each zone has independent temperature and mode settings controlled by a thermostat.

Carrier created the concept of indoor weather with the first residential air conditioner. Carrier continues to lead the industry by offering a complete line of WeatherMaker® air conditioners and heat pump systems that use the chlorine-free refrigerant, Puron®. WeatherMaker products with Puron refrigerant provide the following benefits to today’s consumer…

* High efficiency * Environmentally sound refrigerant * Quiet operation * Carrier’s best reliability * Improved future serviceability * 11 SEER * Up to 12.5 SEER * WetaherArmour™ coil grille o A more robust look with 3/8" openings between grilles: + Resists marble-sized and larger hail and other debris from damaging the coil + Resists string trimmers and other yard tools from damaging the coil + Resists most sticks, balls, and other yard toys from damaging the coil o Ease of serviceability: + Easy to see if coil is dirty and needs to be cleaned - improved reliability + Easy to clean - lower maintenance costs + Naturally cleaned coils - lower monthly energy bills * Silencer™ System that is optimized for quiet air movement * Efficient fan system * Puron refrigerant * Liquid line filter drier * Copper tube/aluminum fin coil * Limited warranty:10-year compres-sor standard/5-year parts limited

Carrier provides all the great products it takes to make a custom made indoor weather system for the home, including air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, programmable thermostats, humidifiers, air cleaners, ventilators and zoning products. Carrier pioneered the application of chlorine-free, environmentally-sound refrigerants with the introduction of its industry leading, Puron-based residential products. provides a window to the great array of products that Carrier, a reputable name in air conditioning, refrigeration and heating products has manufactured over the years keeping in view customers in mind. Carrier has been the leader in the manufacturing & sale of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning systems and HVAC systems and products since 1902 when the basis of modern air conditioning was invented. Carrier combines its global HVAC and refrigeration expertise with the responsiveness of its local operations to lead nearly every geographic market. thus reflects the products and serves as a link to the world of Carrier for the customers. gives the detail about the company at one place and displays the whole range of products on the other side; but also gives an over view of their unique installations alongwith the review of the history of the vision behind the development of modern air conditioning, as well as about Carrier's role in maintaining our environment. also provides customers with the option of finding unique information about parts and supplies of their products like replacement of hvac parts and problem regarding any unit including air conditioners, heaters, HVAC and refrigerators. With a simple but sleek web interface of, the customer is required to submit the information or the complaint alongwith the model, serial number, the installer name & phone number, the service name & phone number with their contact information about the replacement of refrigerator, air conditioner, heating appliances or HVAC systems.

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One of the oldest and most reputable names in the air conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration products, Carrier has an unequaled range of products for every one to choose from. With a trust worthy and house hold name in such products, Carrier products satisfy the broadest range of customer needs from portable air conditioners and environmentally safe chillers to Carrier Transicold-refrigerated containers and supermarket display cases refrigerated by our Carlyle compressors. Carrier has a complete range of products line including air handling units, compressors, condensers, unitary packaged and split system air conditioners, transport and commercial refrigeration equipment, room air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners, central station air conditioners, hermetic absorption and centrifugal water chillers, open drive centrifugal chillers, hermetic screw chillers, reciprocating air and water cooled chillers, dehumidifiers, single packaged and split system heat pumps, electronic control systems and air cleaners.

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Carrier has a wide network of dealers and distributors in 171 countries while Carrier products are designed in nearly 20 key engineering centers and manufactured in 108 plants spread across six continents.

Carrier WeatherMaker constant volume and rooftop units offer three types of performance: Gas heat, electric and heat pump. They are rated as some of the best rooftop units in the industry. Capacities range from just 3 tons for zone use to 20 tons for the heat pump systems and 100 tons for gas and electric heat rooftop units. Contractors and property managers buy Weather Maker systems and parts because of Carrier's reputation and track record for dependable quality. The Carrier Corporation is one of the largest and most successful HVACR companies in the world. It's a global manufacturer and supplier of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Here's an overview of the Carrier WeatherMaker systems.

Carrier Gas Heat WeatherMaker Units

The Carrier WeatherMaker 48TC models are single-package rooftop heating units that are equipped with a cooling system too. They provide reliable heating and air condition for commercial and industrial applications. Puron refrigerant, also known as R-410A, is used in all models. It does not deplete the ozone, so is considered more ecofriendly than R-22 and older Freon types. Current efficiency levels are 13.0 SEER an 11.1 EER for cooling; Gas efficiency is 82% AFUE. The furnace used a draft inducer motor. Single-stage and staged heating options are available. When you need repair parts, buy Weather Maker OEM replacement parts for the best performance. HVAC Plus has the coils, controls, condenser parts, dampers, sensors and IAQ components to return any WeatherMaker system to peak working condition.

Carrier Electric WeatherMaker Units

These are cooling-only systems that use Puron/R-410A. Models in this series include the 50TC, 50A and 50P. Vertical and horizontal units are available to make the best use of space. They use efficient scroll compressors to provide up to 5 stages of cooling. Two-inch disposable filters offer easier maintenance. Variable-speed air handlers are part of these packaged rooftop systems from Carrier. HVAC Plus carries all replacement and maintenance parts. Buy Carrier Weather Maker parts right here for great selection and prices.

Carrier Heat Pump WeatherMaker Units

These Puron systems use heat pump technology for both heating and cooling. There is no furnace in them. Carrier makes hybrid heat systems, but not in the Carrier WeatherMaker series. The models available ore the 50HCQ and 50TCQ. The comply with all ASHRAE regulations and meet Energy Star requirements. Two-stage cooling is offered with SEER ratings to 13.4. Scroll compressors with crankcase heaters ensure reliable operation in all climates and seasons. Models to 20 tons of capacity are available.

The Carrier WeatherMaker Series is known for performance and reliability. But repairs are required at times. Contractors buy WeatherMaker parts from HVAC Plus because we make ordering quick and convenient. When you buy Weather Maker parts from us, we offer outstanding service and fast delivery. We're here to help you be successful!