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Virginia KMP offers the original pan treatment. Introduced back in 1967, this has been the best selling pan treatment in the HVAC industry.

Virginia KMP Corporation evolved primarily from several highly innovative companies who had visions of a growing refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These are: Virginia Smelting Company, USA; Ansul Chemical Company, USA; Components Manufacturing Co. (CMC), USA; Celanese Corporation, USA; and Lai Berg Holding Company A/S of Oslo, Norway.

The Ansul Chemical Company was founded in Marinette, WI in about 1915. Some years later it came to their attention that there was a need to develop a better method of maintaining refrigerant dryness in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. To answer this need, they developed the "System Boss" line of filter-driers. Ansul also developed and perfected the very popular "Dry-Eye" moisture indicator as a method of visually determining that systems were safely dry.

January 25, 1964 Ansul Chemical Company changed it’s name to The Ansul Company in order to reflect more realistically their scope of operations which included fire detection and suppression equipment, refrigeration components and others.

In September 1967 Virginia Chemicals, Inc. acquired the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products Division of The Ansul Company. The Ansul Company today, is a major manufacturer of fire detection and suppression equipment and systems. It became a subsidiary of TYCO International, LTD of Exeter, NH in 1990.

In October 1971 Virginia Chemicals, Inc. bought Components Manufacturing Company of Oklahoma City, OK. CMC manufactured Receiver-Driers and other components for the automotive air conditioning replacement market. CMC sold their products through automotive parts wholesalers nationwide.

With this acquisition and their development of a line of Suction Accumulators, Virginia Chemicals added significantly to its Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Components Division.

Early 1975 Virginia Chemicals, Inc. opened a refrigerant packaging plant at 4007 Platinum Way in the Red Bird Industrial Park in Dallas, TX with Mr. M.A. (Andy) Nash as acting plant manager. Shortly thereafter the decision was made to relocate the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Division of Virginia Chemicals to Dallas also. This necessitated larger quarters. The facility moved to a 185,000 sq. ft. building directly across the street at 4100 Platinum Way. Located here was Manufacturing, Engineering, Refrigeration Laboratory, Customer Service, Warehousing, Shipping, Purchasing and Sales. Housed in this new facility was the refrigerant packaging line, manufacturing of chemicals and mechanical components for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning industry as well as Components for Automotive Air Conditioning.

January 19,1981 Virginia Chemicals, Inc. was merged into the Celanese Corporation as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The Celanese Corporation and their Virginia Chemicals subsidiary were primarily a chemicals oriented group. It was recognized early on after their merger that the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Division of Virginia Chemicals did not fit well with their combined expertise. Effort was put forth to find a buyer for this division.

Virginia KMP Corp. is a registered ISO 9001 company , where quality is a result of continuous improvement. It markets directly to many leading OEMs, more than 2,450 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration wholesalers nationwide and exports AC&R products worldwide.

The company produces a huge range of products. Among them we can find: Filter Driers and Sight Glasses, Lubricants, Coil Cleaners/Solvents, Water Treatment, Tapes, Gums and Mastics, Aerosols and other components and products (VA, VPA, VCA Suction Line Accumulators, RT Liquid Line Receivers, VOS and VOF Oil Separators, LW Ball Valves, VAB Vibration Absorbers etc).


Virginia KMP Corporation is an industrial HVAC company specializing in pan treatment services since 1967. The corporation is the result of a number of companies being bought, sold and merging to bring commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning into the future. The companies that made up Virginia KMP Corporation are the Virginia Smelting Company, USA, Celanese Corporation, USA, Lai Berg Holding Company A/S, Norway, Ansul Chemical Company, USA and Components Manufacturing Co. (CMC), USA.

Ansul comes out of Marinette, Wisconsin and was founded around 1915. They are responsible for the "System Boss" filter-driers and "Dry-Eye" moisture sensor. They are a very popular manufacturer of fire suppression systems, particularly in kitchens, though Ansul systems can be found in office buildings, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, schools and especially restaurants. Arguably their most common products are those that hang over kitchen equipment. They have no constant controls, but rather detect when flames are high enough and heat strong enough to indicate a kitchen fire and then set off the fire-suppressing product that is inside the system.

By 1968, Virginia Chemicals, Inc. was the owner of Ansul's air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing division. Ansul now primarily deals with fire safety equipment. A few years later, Virginia Chemicals also purchased Components Manufacturing Company, which was dealing in car air conditioning spares and parts. These purchases amplified Virginia Chemicals, Inc.'s standing in the HVAC industry.

In 1975, Virginia Chemicals, Inc. began packaging refrigerant in Texas. Soon after, the entire refrigeration and air conditioning division was moved to Texas across from the packaging factory. Everything was handled there, from the HVAC parts, such as motors, to the automotive air conditioning components. Six years after this major move and the streamlining of all Virginia Chemicals, Inc.'s air conditioning products and offices, there was a merger between Virginia Chemicals, Inc. and the Celanese Corporation. The merger created a reason to stick to chemicals and sell the refrigeration and air conditioning division.

Today, that line, which develops what you need, including fan motors, evaporator motors and blower motors, is the Virginia KMP, Corp. Throughout all of the changes, mergers and sales, the corporation has been improving and focusing on product quality. The result of this is relationships with nearly 2,500 HVAC wholesalers around the world. They make a large variety of useful parts and accessories including sight glasses, gums, mastics, filter driers, coil cleaners, water treatment, lubricant and aerosols.