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GE Motors offered unit heater fans that has outstanding durability and used in a wide range of application environments. These unit heater fans provide consumers with a multi-purpose, high quality product along with the high reliability associated with the GE name. Unit heater fans has one product category named as Single Phase, Permanent Split Capacitor - 5 1/2" Diameter with Accessories Kit, designed for replacement of unit heater fan motors.

Following are features of Unit Heater Fans:

  • Energy Saver designs
  • Ball bearings
  • 60" motor leads
  • 5" shaft extension
  • Mounting holes in shell for capacitor bracket
  • 370 Volt capacitor kit included
  • Resilient base kit included (3" shaft height)
  • Automatic thermal overload protection

GE unit heater fans are of high quality, dual side stud mounting with steel construction and multi-purpose capability and most important these unit heater fans have long life.

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Permanent Split Capacitor - 5 1/2" Diameter with Accessories Kit


Unit heaters are an ideal way to efficiently heat single rooms or zones. They allow you to heat only space that is being occupied at the time rather than using a central heating system that heats an entire building including rooms and zones that are not in use. Unit heaters are installed in offices, classrooms, suites and other locations that get periodic use. The air flow from unit heaters is produced by unit heater fans that circulate air over the heating element or coil and distribute it into the room.

General Electric unit heater fans are among the highest-rated in the industry. This isn't surprising. GE is a world leader in manufacturing electronic components. It makes all types of HVAC fans for residential and commercial use. HVAC professionals buy unit heater fans made by GE to fit unit heaters of various sizes. Many of the fans are driven by ECM motors that dramatically reduce electricity use to conserve energy and save on energy costs.

GE unit heater fans are chosen for their performance and durability. Single-speed and multispeed unit heater fans can be chosen to meet the specific requirements of the system. The motors come in a variety of capacities to supply the right amount of power for the airflow needs. There are many excellent features you'll enjoy when you buy unit heater fans from GE. They offer excellent energy savings such as ECM performance. Ball bearing design reduces noise during operation while enhancing longevity. Thermal overload protection is included on most models to protect them against extreme heat that can damage parts and lead to mechanical failure.

Many unit heaters use GE fans as original manufacturer equipment (OEM). It's also possible to buy unit heater fans from GE to be used as replacement fans in a wide range of unit heaters from today's leading brands. HVAC pros buy unit heater fans from GE for their reliability and dependable durability. The unit heater fans are easy to install using rugged dual side stud mounting holes. Cleaning and servicing them is also convenient because they can be accessed without difficulty.

HVAC Plus has the unit heater fans needed for the units you service. Buy unit heater fans from GE, Snyder General, AAF-Herman Nelson, Trane and other leading HVAC brands. Our prices are the best you'll find online or from local suppliers. Ordering is easy and our shipping is quick. Order unit heater fans today, and they will be on their way!