Buy Trane coils recognize the importance of accurate open system integration and Trane coils. We will provide you with the unique services you need to meet all compliances

A good look at your home comfort system , shows you a less visible part of your system. This is the coil. The coil is designed to work in tandem with outdoor unit and furnace and it's important that they match in both size and capacity. This matched system gives you maximum performance and efficiency. And, this is where Trane coil comes in.

When new Trane air conditioner is installed , we can help you select the right Trane coil to go with it. Remember, your outdoor condensing unit and your indoor coil work together as a team - a new air conditioner's efficiency will be significantly reduced if it's paired with an old, existing coil. And, an older coil, or a non-Trane coil, may even differ in cooling capacity, leaving you with an unbalanced system and higher than necessary utility bills.

Hvac can help you with capacity calculations, air and water pressure drops for all water Trine coils, and steam pressure drops for all steam trane coils . Even if you need Trane coils that require heavier tube thickness or copper fins, we can help you with the specifications. The unique designs of trane coils make them more energy efficient. Which means you will save more money in utility bills considering that up to 50 percent of a building's energy use is related to the air conditioning and heating system. Effective performance is of extreme importance when calculating the specs of your replacement trane tubes.

Trane coils are manufactured as an entire series of convertible comfort coils in a variety of sizes, efficiencies and configurations that will work with any installation or application requirement. Trane coils should be developed with the same exacting quality standards as the rest of the components of a Trane home comfort system. They should also designed to match Trane furnaces in both fit and finish.

We give instant quotes that will result in a fast response to your request. Our specs and drawings will ensure that the Trine coils you order will be built-to-fit accurately.

Start the order process now by browsing by product number, by the manufacturer name or by the product name itself. On our left hand side navigation, you will see the three search panels that will take you to our list of GE Air conditioning parts. This is the quickest way to find what you are looking for and did I mention that you will always find competitive prices here on So, with just a few quick clicks of your mouse you can place an order and sit back and relax, knowing that within just a few short days, your GE ac part will arrive at your door.

We will be able to give you a price, delivery information and specs about replacement Trane coils.

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The professionals here at know how important it is to get you the right Train coils for the systems you have. We've got replacement Trane coils for condensing units as well as indoor evaporator units, so you'll find the exact coil for your purposes.

Selecting the Right Trane Coil for your System

As you know, installing a coil with the right capacity for your system is the key to performance and energy-efficiency. When you replace your condensing unit, consider replacing the evaporator coil inside your home or building too. Pairing a new, high-efficiency coil with an old coil will reduce your potential energy and cost savings. When the outdoor and indoor coils have equal capabilities, you'll see the greatest reduction in energy use and improvement in the performance of your Trane HVAC system. Your utility bills will be lower, and the comfort level in your home will be much higher.

HVAC Plus can help you select the right Trane coils for air-based, water-based and steam-based heating and cooling systems. If your system requires commercial-grade refrigerant lines or a coil with upgraded copper fins, you will find them here in our searchable catalog of Trane coils and HVAC parts. We've got parts for systems used in homes, schools, office buildings, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and anywhere efficient, reliable cooling is expected.

Trane HVAC systems are among the most efficient currently available. This factor helps reduce energy use and costs for those who choose a Trane system for their building. With more than 50% of a building's energy use in warm weather going to cooling, you can understand that selecting efficient Trane systems and coils is essential to cost management.

Trane Coils from HVAC Plus Meet your Specifications

We sell the entire lineup of Trane HVAC coils. When you shop online at HVAC Plus, you'll quickly find coil with the right size, efficiency and configuration for your system. We supply Trane evaporator coils to fit any compatible Trane gas or oil furnace.

HVAC Plus saves you time when you buy Trane coils from us. You'll receive an instant price quote, and we'll show you complete specs to ensure the coil is the right one for your application.

You can order now by finding the Trane replacement part you need. Search by brand, part number or the name of the part. Use the search box at the top of the page, or select the Trane button from the navigation bar to the left. Either way, you'll soon find the Trane replacement parts you need for your HVAC system. HVAC Plus has more than just coils. You'll find heat pump, air handler, chiller and ventilator parts. We stock motors, controls and thousands of other parts too. Just a few clicks on this will take you to the exact part you need. Our prices are among the lowest you'll find online or from local dealers, so you'll save a significant amount of money when you buy Trane coils and other parts from us. Stock up on spares of the most common replacement parts you use, and you'll have one in stock to expedite repairs.

The ordering process is fast and convenient, and we'll ship your parts to you as quickly as possible. Once you've placed your order, HVAC Plus can provide you with delivery information, so you'll know when to look for your Trane coils or other replacement parts. The professional staff at HVAC Plus is eager to help you. Give us a call today, and your parts will soon be on their way.