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Totaline has the HVAC/R products and services that you need for your commercial building project. With over 120,000 products and almost 700 locations around the globe, the Totaline network is your convenient local source with all the quality heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration parts and supplies you need to service and install HVAC/R equipment. Totaline offers coils, compressors, thermostats, motors, air purifiers, smoke detectors, and pressure and temperature controls. Totaline has the skills and experience necessary to solve all of the commercial builder's HVAC/R needs. is the company website for Totaline, a complete supplier of HVAC/R products with almost 700 locations around the world. The Totaline website offers detailed information on all of their products, listed by section, and has extensive literature on industry topics, as well as downloadable owner's manuals. There is also a company history, links to other relevant websites, an order tracking tool, and a dealer locator. Totaline has the skills and experience to solve all of the commercial builder's HVAC/R needs.


The Totaline Corporation is an industry leader in the production of quality thermostats that deliver precise control of heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Totaline makes replacement controls for systems manufactured by Carrier and Bryant primarily, but its products can be used with a limited number of other brands too. Here is an overview of your options when you buy Totalline air conditioner parts from HVAC Plus.

New Thermostats from Totaline

Always innovating and updating its lineup to match the changing demands of the HVAC industry, Totaline has recently introduced ten new thermostat models. They include:

Totaline commercial programmable thermostats: The P340-2220 is ideal for HVAC systems installed in commercial and industrial settings. It offers advanced control of heating, cooling, ventilation and fan function.

Totaline programmable thermostats: Several new models are available including the P370-1320 Totaline DELUXE IAQ Total Home Comfort System, Totaline's best residential thermostat. Others include the P340-1110 and P320-1210 programmable thermostats. Various models use 7-day, 5-2 and 5-1-1 scheduling, so you can find the right model to fit your weekly lifestyle.

Totaline non-programmable thermostats: EASY, BASIC AND SMART Series models have been added. These include Totaline BASIC non-programmable thermostats, Totaline EASY non-programmable thermostats and the Totaline SMART non-programmable thermostats such as the Totaline P330-0110.

Other Thermostats from Totaline

You can buy Totaline air conditioner parts, namely thermostats, in many different series and models to meet the requirements of your system and your budget. The Totaline Slimline thermostats are stylish and compact. The series includes 1-For-All programmable thermostats, Heat and Cool heat pump models in 7-day programmable formats and the commercial P374-2100, a non-programmable Totaline Signature thermostat.

The Totaline Gold programmable series features residential and commercial models. The most popular are the P274-0100 non-programmable thermostat and the P274-1100 programmable thermostat. Totaline Star thermostats are available in non-programmable models, but programmable models like the 1 for All programmable digital thermostat are preferred for the energy savings they provide.

You can also buy Totaline air conditioner parts in the following series: Signature thermostats, Flushmount thermostats, Totaline Wireless thermostats and Totaline TotalTouch thermostats. Most of these are programmable, and models like the Totaline TotalTouch P286-1500 3 Heating & 2 Cooling w/Automatic Humidity Control & Dual Fuel Switch deliver advanced control of any HVAC system.

HVAC Plus supplies HVAC professionals, property managers and homeowners with the right Totaline thermostat for Carrier, Bryant and other HVAC brands. Buy Totalline air conditioner parts like these thermostats from us when you want the best selection and the lowest prices.