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Totaline thermostat Signature "Flush-Mount" residential and commercial thermostats offer you a unique design that will blend in with any room decor. These stats will work in almost any residential or commercial application. The Heat Pump thermostat has the LCD is extra large with a backlit display making it easy to read. All these features and more make this thermostat your thermostat of choice. In the robertshaw thermostat the temperature adjustments are simple with the large up-down arrows. In this water heater thermostat the temperature can be set differently for heat and cool, if desired. It is fast, accurate in temperature control. Totaline thermostat has the beautiful, modern styling. The thermostat robertshaw is large, easy to read numbers and an illuminated display that is easy to read at night. Thermostats that can be programmed to fit your schedule and save you money. Wireless models can go anywhere in the house - put it right next to your bed or your favorite chair. Totaline thermostat is incredibly easy to operate and program. 7 day models include a copy command and even a holiday mode. You can also turn off the program, if you don't want to use it. Totaline thermostats display the current room temperature and the cooling and heating settings all on one screen, so you can see everything at a glance. Outdoor temperature sensors can be used with most models. Totaline thermostat work on almost all types of air conditioning and heating equipment including heat pumps, furnaces and multistage equipment. All models are auto changeover, which means they can switch automatically from cooling to heating as needed. This feature can be disabled easily, if desired. No mercury! Mercury is a hazardous substance contained in many older thermostats. Fantastic value! Totaline thermostats are all digital, highly accurate and reliable, full featured and great looking, and yet they cost less.


Totaline really does make a total line of quality thermostats for a wide array of HVAC systems. Programmable and non-programmable models are available, and you'll find one that meets the requirements of your system and the demands of your budget. Here is an overview of the Totaline catalog. You can buy Totaline thermostats right here at HVAC Plus. You'll find the one you want at wholesale pricing, and we'll ship it to you quickly.

Totaline Slimline Thermostats

These are attractive, compactly designed thermostats that are unobtrusive wherever you install them. The series features programmable models with 7-day scheduling available. If you're an HVAC contractor, these are the models your customers are looking for when they want to customize their HVAC schedule to cut costs while maintaining perfect climate control. Standard heat and cool as well as heat pump models are included in the Totaline Slimline Series. You can also buy Totaline thermostats in this series that offer affordable, accurate non-programmable digital control.

Totaline Gold Programmable Thermostats

This series includes both residential and commercial units. These Totaline P274 thermostats come in many different models to meet the exact needs of your system.

Totaline Battery Powered Thermostats

This Series offers a non-programmable, digital model, a programmable 5-2 model and a non-programmable heat pump model. Wiring is reduced, and a low-battery alert is included.

Totaline Star Thermostats

This series has something for everyone. You can buy Totaline thermostats in this series that are programmable, non-programmable, residential and commercial. The popular 1 For All programmable digital thermostat is part of the Star Series from Totaline.

Totaline Flushmount Thermostats

Elegantly styled, flush-mount thermostats offer concealment and excellent climate control. Buy Totaline programmable thermostats in this series to keep energy use under control throughout the year. One non-programmable model is part of the Flushmount Series from Totaline.

Totaline Wireless Thermostats

The value of this series is that installation is much easier and the thermostat can be located where it is most convenient and accessible. This is a programmable, digital thermostat.

Totaline TotalTouch Thermostats

As the name implies, these are touchscreen thermostats that are very easy to program and adjust. You can buy Totaline thermostats in this series in a range of options including standard heating and cooling, heating and cooling plus humidity control and heating and cooling with a dual fuel switch for hybrid heat HVAC systems.

We supply HVAC professionals and homeowners with the right thermostat for their needs. Buy Totaline thermostats from us today. Our goal is to earn your continued business with great prices and prompt shipping on every order.