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Totaline thermostats represent just one small slice of this company's vast and exhaustive catalog of products--120,000 at last count. Instead of offering aftermarket fixes and poorly repurposed pieces, the company focuses its line of Totaline thermostats on making each product perfect for its environment. That means no matter what kind of HVACR challenge you're up against, you should be able to get a hit in that list of Totaline thermostats.

What makes Totaline thermostats better than the rest? Totaline has been around for decades and today boasts one of the most impressive manufacturing bases anywhere on the planet, including 700 locations worldwide. Simply put, you won't find a company better practiced at offering substantial advice and ideal products for every engineering challenge. The quality behind Totaline thermostats are indicative of this.

Totaline Thermostats at a Glance At HVAC PLUS, we understand the needs of professionals in every stratum of this industry. That means whether you need Totaline thermostats for home use or the more sophisticated Totaline thermostats for commercial and municipal projects, we've got you covered. If you know the business well enough to appreciate the elegance of Totaline thermostats' design, chances are you know exactly which one you need.

Do yourself a favor and look through our exhaustive catalog of Totaline thermostats, smoke detectors, coils and more. You won't find a better selection anywhere, even if you check the company's own site at Stay awhile, compare prices and you'll soon see why HVAC PLUS is the world's best source for Totaline thermostats.

Totaline has the HVAC/R products and services that you need for your commercial building project. With over 120,000 products and almost 700 locations around the globe, the Totaline network is your convenient local source with all the quality heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration parts and supplies you need to service and install HVAC/R equipment. Totaline offers coils, compressors, thermostats, motors, air purifiers, smoke detectors, and pressure and temperature controls. Totaline has the skills and experience necessary to solve all of the commercial builder's HVAC/R needs. is the company website for Totaline, a complete supplier of HVAC/R products with almost 700 locations around the world. The Totaline website offers detailed information on all of their products, listed by section, and has extensive literature on industry topics, as well as downloadable owner's manuals. There is also a company history, links to other relevant websites, an order tracking tool, and a dealer locator. Totaline has the skills and experience to solve all of the commercial builder's HVAC/R needs.


Totaline's comprehensive catalog contains more than 120,000 products. Thermostats are a small but important product line for Totaline. There's a Totaline thermostat for every application in the HVACR industry. Contractors know that when they need a thermostat for any type of system, they can find a Totaline thermostat with the accuracy, functionality and quality they want. The company tailors each thermostat to the system or systems it will controls. This gives end-users the opportunity to get the absolute most from their heating, cooling or refrigeration system.

Totaline thermostats are a cut above the ordinary. The brand has been making some of the industry's highest-rated products for more than 25 years. With manufacturing facilities around the world, Totaline thermostats can be found where you need them. Contractors put their confidence in these products knowing they will serve their purpose in every application. Totaline thermostats boast innovative engineering and high-grade parts. To learn more about Totaline, visit the company website at You'll find complete details about all its products, industry news and a library of owner's manuals you can download for free.

HVAC Plus is the leading supplier of Totaline thermostats and replacement parts. We know that HVACR contractors in all phases of the industry need specialized controls for the systems they service and repair. We supply Totaline brand thermostats for residential, commercial and industrial use. You'll find these controls producing comfortable, healthy climates in the buildings they serve.

When you buy Totaline parts at HVAC Plus, you'll find basic thermostats for residential use as well as sophisticated, programmable Totaline thermostats for commercial and industrial installations. When you browse our catalog of Totaline models, you'll soon find the right thermostat for the system it will serve. With the selection we offer at great prices, you'll agree that HVAC Plus is the only supplier of Totaline parts and thermostats you'll ever need. Not just a thermostat company, Totaline's product lineup includes motors, coils, compressors, smoke and fire detectors, air purifiers, air conditioning units, refrigeration parts and controls for pressure and temperature.

What's the perfect thermostat for the system you're working on? Totaline will make it, and HVAC Plus will stock it. When you buy Totaline parts and complete thermostats right here, you'll enjoy the best prices available online or from local suppliers.