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Thermostat covers are especially useful where thermostats are in public areas. These Locking Thermostat cover helps to stop damage, vandalism and tampering of thermostat or energy sensor. Locking thermostat cover offers excellent protection from accidental damage without affecting operation of thermostat, these covers has holes in the frame allow air to circulate freely. The White Rodgers Control Company manufacture several types of thermostats, single stage thermostats, multi stage thermostats, line voltage thermostats, electric thermostats and heat pump thermostats. Here we are discussing about heat pump thermostat. White Rodgers heat pump thermostats come in the standard White Rodgers 90, White Rodgers 80, White Rodgers 70 and White Rodgers Mechanical thermostat series, but this line of products also offers two models of outdoor heat pump thermostats: the White Rodgers 2B61-186 open on rise heat pump thermostat and the White Rodgers 2B61-430 open on rise heat pump thermostat with a stamped temperature indicator. These thermostats are extremely useful in larger heating applications, including commercial and industrial ones. Robertshaw’s company has a large variety of mechanical thermostats, programmable thermostats and non-programmable thermostats In the robertshaw thermostat the temperature adjustments are simple with the large up-down arrows. Robertshaw programmable thermostats are designed to be easily programmed, thus giving you more comfort and more time to attend to your other needs, rather than manually setting the thermostat every time you need it to change temperatures. With Robertshaw thermostats, a system of intuitive menus will take you step by step through the programming process, so you don’t have to worry about missing something important, or installing your thermostat wrongfully. The Robertshaw programmable thermostat product line offers a few series, each with their distinct features and benefic characteristics. These are as follows: the Robertshaw 9700i Deluxe Programmable Thermostats, the Robertshaw 9800i Deluxe Programmable Thermostats, the Robertshaw 300 Deluxe Programmable Thermostats and the Robertshaw 9600 Digital Programmable Thermostats.


Manufacturers designed thermostat covers with the chief intent to protect energy sensors and thermostats from unwanted tampering, damage and vandalism. In fact, thermostat guards are particularly convenient for thermostats placed in unrestricted areas and public venues. Without harming or hindering the thermostat's function, these locking thermostat shields provide exceptional defense from unforeseen damage. These devices also mount easily to enable proper and reliable use. These guards also feature air pockets to facilitate free circulation.


White-Rodgers produces numerous kinds of thermostats to include programmable, non-programmable and revolutionary touchscreen thermostats. These tools arrive in a multitude of styles, series and colors. For instance, the heat pump thermostats arrive in several shades of whites with varying capabilities to include the conventional White-Rodgers 80 and White-Rodgers 90. This particular product line provides two types of heat pump thermostats for outdoor use: One is the White-Rodgers 2B61-430, which features a stamped temperature, and the other is the White-Rodgers 2B61-186. White-Rodgers offers innovative thermostat designs and functions, including one-stage and various-level thermostats. These types of thermostats are exceptionally beneficial in larger environments to include residential, industrial and commercial settings.


Robertshaw is a corporation that also offers energy efficient thermostats to satisfy the heating and cooling needs of any home or business. The firm provides a substantial collection of programmable thermostats, non-programmable thermostats and mechanical thermostats.

Furthermore, the Robertshaw's high-tech programmable thermostats are available in economy, value and deluxe models. Each model combines elegant designs with user-friendly and legible display monitors. Buyers interested in the programmable models will find it easy to program these devices to perform specific tasks. These product models present unique features coined the Robertshaw 9700i Deluxe Programmable Thermostats. These products provide comfort, convenience and efficiency. Similarly, the convenience of an automatic system prevents users from needing to input the information manually each time for temperature changes. Consequently, users can allocate time to more enjoyable matters while not sacrificing comfort.

Robertshaw thermostat systems put users at ease by providing comprehensive and intuitive menus and set-up wizards to guide users methodically through the encoding process. This reduces the likelihood that users will miss critical steps relating to installation or other information. Homeowners and contractors who use Robertshaw thermostats praise the company for product simplicity, product reliance and easy instillation. Essentially, when you make your thermostat purchase, you will not view the equipment as overly complex or difficult to manage.