Buy the AF-300 drive

The AF-300 drive is designed for variable torque applications and is ideal for pump systems and air moving systems. Easy operation is achieved with simple commands from local or remote keypad or from facility management systems. Pre-loaded motor parameters and factory defaults are included for out-of-the-box installation. The AF-300 offers 1/4 to 150 Hp ratings in 230 VAC, and 1/2 to 600 Hp ratings in 460 VAC for even greater versatility.

Standard features include Modbus RTU for simple connection to process controller. The energy saving design mode helps reduce operating costs and all models carry the global acceptance of UL, CUL, and EN/CE.

The AF-300 drive is the perfect solution for the VT load such as fans & pumps. With features such as catch a spinning motor, reverse operation lockout, automatic cooling fan control, automatic restart and tripless operation via overload and acceleration time control, this drive can provide years of trouble free operation.

All of this power, versatility and reliability in one compact drive. In ratings of 30 Hp and less the AF-300 drive is designed for side-by-side installation, with zero clearance for optimum use in space restricted areas.


An AF-300 drive comes with strong variable torque capabilities and substantial braking control. It is designed for both air moving and pump system applications. The drive can also be used with standalone applications. The versatile design reduces wear and tear while supporting increased output.

Multiple programmable settings of the AF-300 improve productivity. Facility management systems can be operated with ease using these same simple commands. Input of basic instructions allow person to execute commands from local or remote keypads. Factory defaults contained in the AF-300 make for easy installation. The AF-300 ratings for 230 VAC are between AF-300 and ¼ to 150 HP ratings. For 460 VAC, the range is between ½ and 600 HP ratings, which promote maximum versatility for the drive. Reduced noise made possible through smart design makes for an improved user experience. PID control settings allow the device to be controlled conveniently from any location. Keypad contains backlighting and parameter storage settings. Diagnostic capabilities are also included in the keypad. Operational diagnostics are performed with the convenient keypad and can be initiated remotely. Multiple settings are pre-loaded for convenient, out-of-the-box functionality.

Modbus RTU features are among the many standard features of the AF-300. Users will appreciate the simplicity of the drive and how it can be easily attached to the controller. The energy savings from the Modbus RTU are trims operating costs for the unity. All versions conform to UL, EN/CE, and CUL standards. Risks of potential voltage spikes are minimized with this model.

The AF-300 drive supports the VT load for both pumps and fans. The versatility of the system of the AF-300 drive permits the drive to be used in a number of systems and applications. It's designed to work with conveyors, pump applications and fans. Tripless operation minimizes disturbances while machine is being operated. Restart features included reduce recovery time in the event of outages. Reverse operation lockout, automatic cooling fan control and acceleration time control lower the ongoing maintenance requirements. Other features like the catch a spinning motor and the tripless operation also reduce wear and tear for the system. These features extend the life cycle of the system by years.

In systems with ratings lower than 30 Hp, the AF-300 is also compatible and can be positioned using the side-by-side method. There is zero clearance required when installed in this manner and the space is fully optimized with minimal adjustments to be made.