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Conbraco Relief Valve has innovative and effective solutions to satisfy the issues of the consumers. Cover relief safety valve is an easy to install two-in-one device. It is designed to be used as water heater shutoff valves to provide both a means to shut off the water supply to the water heater and to provide protection against excess water pressure caused by thermal expansion relief valve. These valves use a bronze body full port valve design* which includes PTFE seats and a blow out proof stem design. The conbraco relief valve section includes a Viton® ball and stainless steel spring. It is provided with a compression or PEX end fitting to provide a secure method of connecting a discharge line. Watts Regulator Company is pleased to announce the expansion of our popular Series BRV Combination Ball Valve/Relief Valve product line to include models with PEX end connections. Cover relief safety valve and combination ball valve, Series BRV, provides a unique and low cost solution pressure relief valve failure in the domestic water heating systems, using a rugged ball valve design. The small and compact BRV facilitates relief of thermal expansion and provides a tight flanged relief safety valve for the supply to the water heater. Conbraco new PEX end connections BRV’s join their existing line of threaded and sweat end models. For more information on the Watts Series BRV, request literature S-BRV by writing to Watts Regulator Company, call them or visit their website. The temperature relief valve has the great working and its mechanism very unique.


Relief valves are among the most important components of HVAC systems. They provide the safety needed to avoid injuries and damage, and a damaged relief valve can cause severe problems down the road. Conbraco is known for being one of the most innovative manufacturers of relief valves in the HVAC industry.

Cover relief valves are designed to be easy to install. As two-in-one devices, shut off a system if pressure or high temperature is encountered. Using a bronze port design that includes PTFE seats, Conbraco relief valves are built to high standards. In addition, Conbraco systems use a Viton ball and spring feature. By using a compressor and PEX fitting, Conbraco relief valves provide a means of securely connecting discharge lines.

Watts Regulator also offers ball relief and relief valve products. Much like Conbraco, Watts Regulator uses PEX end connections to provide standard and flexible functionality. The Series BRV line from Watts Regulator serves as a low-cost solution for relief valves in HVAC systems. In addition to its low cost, the BRV series is compact in size, making it a viable option in residential and light commercial environments. Conbraco's products can be used in conjunction with Watts Regulator products.

Those looking to buy temperature relief valves will want to consider offerings from both Conbraco and Watts Regulator. Both companies have established reputations in the HVAC industry, and both can supply you with products for your systems. They can even be used in large commercial and industrial environments, and their high manufacturing standards ensure that products can withstand rugged use over time.

At HVACPLUS, we understand how important relief valves are for your systems. In many cases, relief valves are the only safety features that can prevent injuries to operators, and they keep systems functioning well even if failure strikes in a particular section. Because of this, we take the time needed to find the best parts available and supply you with information about them.

Those who have questions are encouraged to contact our customer representatives. Whether you contact us through our chat interface, through email or over the phone, we can provide you with information to help you make the decision that best suits your needs. We offer the widest selection of products available online, and we can ship products overnight so that you can get your system up and running as quickly as possible.