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Tecumseh compressors for air-conditioning are known throughout the industry for being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. If you're experiencing problems with your Tecumseh compressors or would like to replace outmoded HVACs with new Tecumseh compressors, you have come to the right place. HVAC PLUS is the internet's leading reseller of HVAC parts. We carry Tecumseh compressors as well as all manner of actuators, thermostats, pumps, and motors from the world's leading manufacturers.

In addition to manufacturing Tecumseh compressors, the Tecumseh company sells a surprisingly wide array of gasoline engines, submersible pumps, motors, refrigeration products, and more. You can click through to www.Tecumseh.com to find more information on quality Tecumseh compressors, environmental controls, open controls, and even submersible pumps. Technicians can also find NACG suppliers.

Safe and Efficient Tecumseh Compressors Whether you're outfitting an individual commercial building or remodeling an entire industrial complex, Tecumseh compressors can make your job easier. Tecumseh compressors for refrigerators, for instance, optimize power efficiency and prevent system leakage. Indeed, among industrial HVAC compressors, the Tecumseh compressors rate among the best and most installation friendly.

Unless you are a trained technician, don't attempt to change or fix Tecumseh compressors on your own. Tecumseh compressors may be hearty, but you can disturb the compression mechanism if you're not careful. Work with an experienced technician to ensure a safe and quality replacement job, and talk to the professionals at HVAC PLUS for more great info on appropriate parts.

Tecumseh Products Company is a full line, independent global manufacturer of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration products, gasoline engines and power train components for lawn and garden applications, submersible pumps, and small electric motors. In addition, Tecumseh Products Company has many other subsidiaries that not only sell products inside the world of Tecumseh, but to the outside world as well. Tecumseh is committed to leading the trend towards overall efficiency improvement and environmentally responsible products. Tecumseh is there with solutions for many of your commercial or industrial HVAC needs.

www.tecumseh.com is the company website for Tecumseh Products Company, a full line, independent global manufacturer of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration products, gasoline engines and power train components for lawn and garden applications, submersible pumps, and small electric motors. The website includes an extranet for company partners that features information on environmental control, open controls, and NACG suppliers. There are sections for each category of products, including air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, gas engines, electric motors, and submersible pumps.


Tecumseh compressors provide the active part of an air conditioning system. The motor powered compressor uses energy to compress the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. The liquid move through the pipes and tubes of the system to evaporation coils where it is allowed to revert to the gaseous state. Evaporation provides a cooling effect which cools the surfaces of the coils. Air moved over the coils is cooled and distributed through the house or business providing comfort to the inhabitants.

As one of the active components of an air conditioning system, the compressor plays an important part in the reliability and economy of the entire system. Compressors built by Tecumseh Products Company are designed for durability and efficiency.

Compressor failures commonly result in downtime for the entire system. Depending on the situation, this can cause a minor inconvenience of a slightly warmer than normal home or a major catastrophe for refrigeration systems. In either event, an air conditioning compressor failure will lead to expensive repairs.

Compressors are also the major energy-consuming component of the air conditioning or refrigeration system. Quality compressors, such as the Tecumseh product line, are designed to provide the most cooling for the least energy, which reduces the cost of operations.

Tecumseh Products Company produces a long line of various products including small engines commonly used in lawn and garden power tools as well as in industrial application. The company is also known for industrial and agricultural pumps. Its line of compressors is its principle product within the air conditioning industry. Its compressors are also used within the refrigeration industry. The company's wide range of offerings help it maintain low costs and a large scale distribution operation. This means its compressor components can be supplied quickly and efficiently to the user. This can be very important when the Tecumseh compressor is needed as a replacement for a failed component in an operating system.

Whether replacing a failing component of an existing system, or building a new HVACR system for a new construction project, the air conditioning compressors offered by Tecumseh offer great value. The combination of energy efficiency and durability reduces the overall cost of operation for the property owner. The durability reduces the inconvenience of downtime and helps keep the home or business comfortable for the lowest possible cost.

Repair or replacement of an air conditioner compressor is seldom a do-it-yourself project and usually left to a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration or HVACR system professional. These professionals can work with the property owner and third-party vendors such as HVACplus.com in delivering and installing a high-quality Tecumseh compressor.