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Tecumseh Products Company is a full line, independent global manufacturer of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration products, gasoline engines and power train components for lawn and garden applications, submersible pumps, and small electric motors. In addition, Tecumseh Products Company has many other subsidiaries that not only sell products inside the world of Tecumseh, but to the outside world as well. Tecumseh is committed to leading the trend towards overall efficiency improvement and environmentally responsible products. Tecumseh is there with solutions for many of your commercial or industrial HVAC needs.

With over 70 years of manufacturing the components that make household appliances and equipment work Tecumseh is embedded in consumer and commercial products throughout the world. Yet, despite this prominence, many consumers may never have heard of the Tecumseh Products Company. It's not surprising since their products will run for years, quietly powering the modern conveniences upon which our society has come to depend. Sold in over 120 countries throughout the world, from core manufacturing locations in North and South America, Europe and Asia, Tecumseh is the silent partner inside the products of many of the world's best known brands.

Not many people ever look inside their refrigerators or air conditioners to see the compressors that drive the critical cooling systems of these appliances. They expect that these major purchases will perform efficiently, safely and reliably for many years. As one of the largest independent producers of hermetically sealed compressors in the world Tecumseh is using the flexible manufacturing systems across four continents to deliver customized solutions that exceed consumer expectations and enhance their customers' bottom line.

Electric motors are one of the most important products that make up the hidden infrastructure of our modern world. Hidden even deeper inside the compressors Tecumseh has been producing motors for years and with the addition of FASCO in 2003 they now are known for their diverse motor offerings. From AC motors for blowers and pumps to DC motors for automotive seat actuators FASCO has specialized in creating customized components that are more than just a motor for over 100 years in North America. With Tecumseh's global manufacturing presence they are in the process of expanding FASCO's presence beyond North America.

There are no Tecumseh Pumps, but as part of the Tecumseh family for over 20 years Little Giant Pump Company and MP Pumps have grown to provide numerous consumer and industrial pumping solutions. Unique in Tecumseh's portfolio of companies, Little Giant is more than a manufacturing company and is best known to consumers for marketing a full line of water gardening products at do it yourself (DIY) retailers. However, the core of the business is providing sump and sewage pumps that consumers rely on to keep their basements dry.

www.tecumseh.com is the company website for Tecumseh Products Company, a full line, independent global manufacturer of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration products, gasoline engines and power train components for lawn and garden applications, submersible pumps, and small electric motors. The website includes an extranet for company partners that features information on environmental control, open controls, and NACG suppliers. There are sections for each category of products, including air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, gas engines, electric motors, and submersible pumps.


For over 70 years, Tecumseh has been a silent partner with many globally-known HVAC manufacturers. The components that it creates are found in air conditioning, refrigeration, power trains, and gasoline engines. Tecumseh parts are present in submersible pumps and small electric motors. Tecumseh components are present in many of the modern-day appliances that improve the quality of life in both residential and commercial environments.

Tecumseh's hermetic compressors are among a wide variety of products that the company sells in over 120 countries. It maintains manufacturing facilities on four continents: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Tecumseh offers advanced HVAC solutions for many commercial and industrial applications.

Tecumseh compressors drive the cooling systems of many appliances, including residential air conditioners and refrigerators. They also provide critical cooling capability in commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems. Today, hermetically-sealed compressors manufactured by Tecumseh have made the company one of largest independent world leaders in this particular HVAC sector.

Tecumseh's lines of electric motors expanded further with the acquisition of Fasco in 2003. The company manufactures AC motors for HVAC blowers and pumps. It also produces DC motors utilized in automotive seat actuators. Additionally, its electric motors are designed and manufactured for many other residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

For over twenty years, Little Giant, a Tecumseh subsidiary, has expanded Tecumseh's presence in the pump industry. Today, it produces sump pumps and sewage pumps that provide critical service in vital situations. These pumps offer reliable, rugged performance in many basements arou d the world. The company's pumps are also present in a diverse offering of gardening products that involve water distribution. Many of these products are found in do-it-yourself garden centers and home improvement stores.

Learn more about Tecumseh at the company's website, tecumseh.com. You'll find separate sections for gasoline engines, electric motors, submersible pumps, and AC/refrigeration compressors. The site maintains an extranet for company partners that includes technical specs of its products, a list of NACG suppliers, and environmental control data.

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