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Tecumseh Compressors is one of the world's largest independent manufacturers of compressors for use in air conditioning and refrigeration applications in many industrial and commercial buildings. prides itself on the ability to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations when it comes to custom manufacturing HVAC and air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses worldwide. is also on the leading edge of the manufacturing technology required to produce some of the world's best refrigeration systems. That technology had led to significant breakthroughs in the manufacture of more energy efficient industrial heating and cooling units providing customers more value for their money and helping to save the environment by reducing energy consumption by significant amounts.

Tecumseh Compressors cares about its customers and their needs. That's why at their number one commitment is to provide excellent value and service both before and after the sale. Whether you need a whole new or industrial air conditioning system or industrial refrigeration system installed in an office building or a hospital, Tecumseh has the compressors and components for the systems that you need. If you are in need of replacement parts for existing or industrial air conditioning systems, can help you. A complete selection of replacement parts for industrial grade HVAC and air conditioning systems is available from to get your systems back in running order as quickly as possible and keep them that way. Tecumseh Compressors' and air conditioning replacement parts are manufactured to provide the highest standard in quality and longevity to ensure that whatever your use, your HVAC and air conditioning systems will be operational at peak efficiency foe the maximum amount of time.

In addition to the and industrial air conditioning compressors and replacement parts, Tecumseh also manufactures and sells a varied array of other quality products for your every need. They produce small electric motors, gasoline engines, and power train components for use in lawn and garden equipment. If you need the highest quality and industrial air conditioning systems components and replacement parts, look no further than for the best value and longest lasting components and parts.