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Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapour. The components used to manufacture steam valves include bronze, stainless steel and brass. The body and cap of the valve is made of bronze, the spindle, seat and diaphragm of non-magnetic stainless steel, and the diaphragm nut and gland of brass bars. Steam stop valves and steam non-return valves are also available. Air Valves are ordinarily supplied with un-drilled flanges. However, hydraulic valves with drilled flanges can also be supplied if specified. The flow through a hydraulic valve can become supersonic under some conditions. When this happens, the downstream pressure no longer has any impact on the flow through the valve, and the valve's capacity becomes a function of the entering pressure. Another important consideration in selecting steam valves is flow characteristic. Ideally, a valve steam’s flow characteristic complements the flow-related performance curves of the load served and provides a linear relationship between air valve stroke and load performance. Even when a steam valve and the pressure relief valve is properly sized for the design load, the large system turndown ratios associated with some steam loads can cause over sizing-like problems under low-load conditions. Approaches that employ two control valves piped in parallel often are used to address this problem. A steam system operates at high temperatures. This, in turn, elevates the temperatures of Metals in direct contact with the piping (conductive heat transfer), Objects in a line-of-sight path with the un insulated portion of the system (radiant heat transfer), Objects located above the pipe (convective heat transfer). These elevated temperatures can have an adverse effect on some of the flexible materials used in pneumatic valves and the electronics and electrical equipment used in electrically actuated valves.


A very important part in most industrial, residential and commercial HVAC systems is the steam valve. Each day, as hundreds of HVAC systems malfunction, consumers use the Internet to buy steam valve. In an appliance such as a water heater, pressure is always building. If pressure levels are not relieved, appliances like hot water heaters can explode. The purpose of a steam valve is to relieve pressure. Steam valves basically control the pressure level and flow of hot water vapor or steam.

Depending on the manufacturer, a steam valve could be made from any number of different materials. Common materials that are used to make steam valves include stainless steel, brass and bronze. These materials are used commonly because they can withstand corrosive and abusive conditions. In most cases, the cap and body of a steam valve is made with bronze.

The steam valve's diaphragm, seat and spindle are normally made of stainless steel. In most situations, these components will also be made from materials that are not magnetic. Steam valve gland and diaphragm nuts are usually made from brass bars. Many manufacturers also make steam non-return and steam stop valves. Air valves from various manufacturers are typically supplied with un-drilled flanges. When hydraulic steam valves are used, it's not uncommon for flow to become supersonic.

When searching for steam valves, consumers should search for a few different characteristics. A steam valve's flow characteristic is very important. Consumers should look for steam valves that offer great linear load performance. Since steam systems operate at very high temperatures, it's important for steam valves to be able to resist corrosion.

One of the top causes of premature steam valve failure is corrosion. Components in a steam system will be pounded with corrosive conditions that are much worse than standard water systems. A steam valve must be able to withstand these very corrosive conditions. Consumers who are looking for steam valves don't have to look any further than HVAC PLUS.

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