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Steam Solenoid Valves are manufactured from Type 316 Stainless Steel, Navel Bronze or Brass. They are available in Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations that fall in pipe size ranges of 1/8” to 3". These steam heating valves are based on three different categories: Direct Lift, Pilot-Piston Pressure Operated, and Semi-Direct Lift types, which handle pressure ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psig, and temperature ranges from-423° F to + 500° F (+750° F some models). The steam pressure reducing d Valves are manufactured to your specific application needs, which translates to the proper seat materials and internal make-up to provide the best possible operation and tightest possible shut-off. Every valve is thoroughly tested on full-flow lines on the fluid closest to its actual operating conditions, before it leaves the factory, to insure that it functions properly in the field. The steam pressure reducing valves are available in versions suitable for steam, air and gas pressure and temperature control, they combine the simplicity of a self-contained regulator with the performance of more sophisticated control systems at a fraction of the cost. That is why you will find Steam radiator valves in the hydraulic-stabilizing system on the "Crawler" that carries the Space Shuttle. These steam relief valves can be found as the emergency shut-off valves on co-generation turbine systems to help prevent "overspeed." There are only two moving parts in the valve body, making for drastically reduced maintenance headaches. The main control component is stainless steel diaphragm that operates smoothly over the full flow range and is capable of longer travel for high flow capacities. This is a long-lasting diaphragm with minimal maintenance characteristics. Another benefit is the ability to achieve total control with a minimum delta-p of 0.5 psi.


Steam solenoid valves are typically made from either brass, bronze, or type 316 stainless steel. Pipe sizes typically range from 1/8-inch to 3-inches. There are three different types of solenoid valves for use in steam heating applications: direct lift, pilot-piston pressure operated, and semi-direct lift.

Such valves are very low maintenance because there are only two moving parts in the valve body. One is the diaphragm, the main control that is made of high-grade stainless steel. The diaphragm moves to a normally open or normally closed position. Solenoid-type steam valves are operated via electrical impulses that open and close them.

Steam solenoid valves are made for extreme conditions found in steam heating applications. Pressure ratings extend up to 10,000 psig. Most such valves are manufactured to operate from -423° F to +500° F. Some steam solenoid valves are even rated as high as +750° F.

Reducing valves for use in steam heating environments are often custom-made for specific applications. Proper seat materials are required to optimize performance in each different type of system. The internal dimensions and design are also customized to produce the tightest possible shut-off.

The importance of these valves is such that they are typically factory-tested to mimic conditions that they will endure in the field. The valves are tested on full-flow lines, using a fluid appropriate to the eventual application. This thorough testing ensures successful operation in the field.

The advantage of these simple, yet efficient steam pressure-reducing valves is that they perform the functions of much more sophisticated systems at a small portion of their typical cost.

Such valves are truly capable of excellent performance in very demanding environments. For example, they can be used on co-generation turbine systems to prevent overspeed. They also we're used in the hydraulic-stabilizing system on the massive "crawler" that transported the Space Shuttles to their launch pads.

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