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Staefa Control System specializes in HVAC control products. Their line of Siemens controllers includes pneumatic and electronic controllers, pneumatic and electronic actuators, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, pneumatic and electric thermostats, and a wide variety of valve lines. As the only leading building automation provider that manufacturers its own line of VFDs, Staefa now offers the commercial builder the most integrated and seamless HVAC solutions available.Our website is the official website for Staefa Control System. Our site features an overview of Staefa?s line of HVAC control products, an extensive technical library, and a searchable online catalog. There is a search locator for dealers around the world who offer Staefa products, as well as links to training, new dealer inquiries, and career opportunities. There are white papers and case studies available online, and visitors to the site can find out the latest news about the company.


Staefa controls have been some of the best HVAC controls on the market for many years. The company was recently acquired by Siemen, allowing them to bring their engineering genius to life with a trusted brand that's already on the market.

You will find a full line of Siemens controllers from Staefa that feature electronic and pneumatic controllers, electronic and pneumatic controllers as well as thermostats, humidity sensors and much more.

One thing that's unheard of is a leading building automation provider having its own line of VFDs - and this is exactly what Staefa has. You will be able to find HVAC parts you need that control virtually any system - even the fully automated ones used in commercial and industrial applications.

When you are looking to check out all of the HVAC control parts that Staefa has to offer, HVAC Plus is the one company you can count on to give it all to you. We have a searchable catalog online where you can view all of their products as well as the products of many other leading manufacturers.

You can view the website for even more information - such as a technical library that is very extensive. This allows you to get a breakdown of your system and determine what part you actually need to order. As with everything, if you are unsure of what you need or what the problem is, call in an HVAC professional to help you diagnose the problem.

With the help of a professional, you can buy Staefa controls that make a difference. You can either replace a broken part or you can upgrade your system with Staefa controls that will give you more control over your heating, cooling and ventilation so there is no question as to what's going on with your system.

You can search for a wide array of Staefa online products including:

- Staefa valves

- Actuators

- Control systems

- Heating and cooling thermostats

- Dampers

- Control valves

There's no product that you cannot find if it's made by Staefa or it's designed to be used in an HVAC system. You will find that many HVAC companies are not only familiar with the Staefa product lines but that they recommend them and use them on a regular basis. It's easy to find what you need when you depend on HVAC Plus to be your supplier of parts, too.

Looking for Staefa online is made easy. You can find the parts you need as well as technical diagrams and a vast array of options within the parts you need. This allows you to make the repairs you need without any problem. Plus at HVAC Plus, we get you the part you need fast.