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With Sporlan’s 65-year history of quality HVAC parts manufacturing, came their famed named, which earned them a lot of prestige in the industry. Their experience shows in their more modern products and the quality, reliability and overall value of their HVAC products has always been highly acclaimed by HVACR contractors, technicians, engineers, homeowners, commercial distributors, HVAC wholesalers and the company’s competitor manufacturers alike. Offering a great line of products, consisting of various types of HVACR applications and components, such as control valves, pressure valves, level master controls, dampers and actuators, oil control systems and refrigerant control applications, it’s time for their superb line of filters to shine under our site’s spotlight, Sporlan has earned a place in the industry’s top manufacturers.

One of their biggest successes are their control valves, especially their line of isolation ball valve models. Isolation valves are usually integrated in refrigeration and air conditioning and are used for the isolation of air, gas or refrigerant liquid flow. Their isolation ball valves are extremely reliable and they are effective in servicing different HVACR equipment and applications.

A ball valves is a distinct category of control valves that includes models such as the fire safe ball valves, the panel mounted ball valves, the actuated ball valves, the high pressure ball valves and other types of ball-operated control valves. A ball valve is also referred to as a quarter turn valve and it opens by turning a handle that is attached to a ball mechanism, located inside the control valve. The ball mechanism includes a port or a hole that blocks air, gas, heat or refrigerant liquid flow that goes through the control valve. The liquid passageway is constructed so that if it’s not in line with the ends of the valve, no spills occur, protecting the valve and the system you are using it for.

When a ball control valve is operated, once the port is in line with the ends of the valve, the otherwise blocked flow will be released. Their purpose is to better control HVACR applications and to provide a higher safety measure, by not letting flow spills cause malfunctions to your HVACR system. Usually, the materials from which the ball control valves are manufactured are either types metals, ceramics or plastics (or a combination of these). In order to make the ball mechanism inside the control valve more durable and more reliable (you must remember that it will be the subject of extremely high pressures and flow stress), some ball valves are chrome plated to increase their toughness.

The most common and famous isolation ball operated control valve series is definitely the EBV Type Ball Valve Series. They offer some distinct features, which make them extremely sought-after on the HVACR market, features that include the following: a solid and robust body structure and design, which provides more brass to dissipate heat during the installation process, thus reducing the chance of possibly damaging the internal seals of the system. Another great benefit of the EBV Type Ball Valve Series is that they include a full range of sizes, going from 3/8" to 3-1/8", including full port 2-5/8" and 3-1/8" ODF models.

Other features and benefits of the Isolation EBV Type Ball Valve Series include a bottom loaded stem that provides extra safety to the valve and to the HVACR system which the valve is installed in, a polished brass port ball with an equalizer port, which is sealed on both sides with extremely durable and reliable Teflon ball seals, which provide extended life and reliability, a sintered metal dual index stop plate that ensures a more durable full open/close operation, being extremely serviceable at the same time.

Some more technical features of the Isolation EBV Type Ball Valve Series are as follows: port sizes range from 0.50 to 3.0 (depending on the connection size of the valve and its body design), the valve weighting from 1.02 lbs (the smallest, 3/8” connection size valve) to a huge 32.00 (the 3-1/8” ODF connection valve). They can hold a maximum rated pressure of 500 psi, or 35 bar and they can operate safely in temperature ranges between -40°F and 250°F (-40°C and 120°C). Their burst pressure rating reaches 2500 psi and 175 bar.

If you need an isolation ball valve to better control and protect your HVACR system, then Sporlan is the manufacturer you need. You won’t find a better and more complete range of control valves and isolation ball valves than with Sporlan, so installing the manufacturer’s parts is always a good option. Whatever your HVACR needs, their company can handle them and then some!

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Sporlan is an HVAC manufacturer, and this company has been in business for 65 years. It's the unmatched level of part quality that has catapulted this company to the forefront of the HVAC industry. Few manufacturers have the resources and experience to produce HVAC parts of the same caliber as Sporlan. This company's prestige really begins to show when the company's newest products are inspected. Parts from Sporlan offer unbeatable reliability, value and performance.

Homeowners, engineers, commercial distributors and technicians can all agree that Sporlan parts are some of the best. Consumers can purchase Sporlan actuators, dampers, master controls, pressure valves and control valves. One of the most successful parts that Sporlan has manufactured is the control valve. To be more specific, the line of isolation ball valve products. Isolation valves are used for a variety of applications, and in most cases, these valves are used for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. These valves are capable of isolating gas, refrigerant and liquid flow.

Extremely effective and reliable, Sporlan isolation ball valves work great for servicing many different types of HVACR equipment. Within the ball valve product line, many types of control valves exist. Sporlan makes panel-mounted ball valves, fire-safe ball valves, actuated ball valves and pressure ball valves. Sporlan also manufactures a variety of ball-operated control valves. Since a ball valve opens with the turn of a handle, it's sometimes called a quarter turn valve.

A ball valve operates by lining up a port with the ends of the valve. Once this happens, flow is released, which would normally be blocked by the valve, so put simply, the ball is very effective at controlling liquid flow. The main purpose of the ball valve is to control HVACR applications and provide increased safety. Various types of materials can be used to make ball valves.

Sporlan might use a combination of plastic, ceramic or metal. Based on the specific application and purpose of a ball valve, Sporlan uses specific materials, which enhance durability and efficiency. A famous type of Sporlan ball valve is the isolation ball-operated control valve. This valve has a variety of features to offer, and it can be used for many different applications.

For the best isolation ball valves and virtually any other type of valve, Sporlan is a top manufacturer. Thousands of different valves and parts from Sporlan and other manufacturers can be obtained through HVAC PLUS. We provide our customers with an extensive selection that other wholesalers cannot beat. If you need almost any type of HVAC part or valve, you shouldn't have much trouble finding it through our online store.