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Sporlan has a 65-year history of quality HVAC parts manufacturing and this experience shows in their more modern products. The quality, reliability and overall value of their HVAC components has been agreed upon by contractors, technicians, engineers, domestic users, commercial distributors, HVAC wholesalers and the company’s competitors alike. Offering great models of control valves, level master controls, oil control systems and refrigerant control applications, it’s time for their superb line of filters to shine under our site’s spotlight.

Even 65 years after the founding of the company, their goals and priorities continue to remain the same - quality before any other thing. This is not just an empty company philosophy, but it actually shows in their products and the line of suction filters is no exception. They offer innovative, easy-to-use, cheap and effective products that will prove reliable enough to protect any HVACR system.

Their company offers a unique concept in the modern design of filters, specifically in suction filter design, which is a filter with an optional relief feature. When the flow is moving in only one, specified direction, the bypass relief feature is active. If the pressure drop reaches an excessive level, the bypass relief will slightly open, in order to maintain adequate gas flow and to assure the proper cooling of the hermetic motor. If the suction filter is installed and configured to take the flow in the opposite direction, the bypass relief feature will be inactive, thus it will never open, regardless of the increase in pressure drop.

Some may ask why a good filtration is good to have in a HVACR system. Well, a good filtration is not only good to have; it is vital to have in any HVACR system, regardless of its size, use and environment. Adequate filtration can protect the compressor and other components found past your filtration system, from all sorts of contaminants, such as metal chips, oxides, foreign particles and so on. These particles, impurities and contaminants can cause motor burnouts or other system malfunctions, if they reach the compressor or any other vital component. If left without filtration, the flow will take these contaminants through the suction line and they will become imbedded in the motor’s windings, so when the natural flexing of these windings during startups occurs, these imbedded particles scrape the motor insulation and can cause severe damage and extremely powerful motor burnouts.

Some general benefits of all the suction filter models, include protection of the compressor and other vital components of the system from dirt, metal parts, oxides and other contaminants, a relief device that opens if the filter plugs, a full flow design that is useful for low pressure drops, compatibility with all brazing alloys, an extreme corrosion resistance and a compact design that comes in a large variety of sizes, suitable for all HVACR systems, regardless of the room the can offer for the installation of a suction filter.

The innovative bypass relief feature works in a very efficient and reliable manner. The Sporlan suction filters that have a bypass relief option, have a large filter element that collects dirt and other impurities that might come in with the gas flow, thus protecting the compressor from any damage they could cause. The bypass relief feature however, comes in extremely handy when the filter element becomes plugged (if the system gets extremely dirty, or if it was dirty before installing the filter). In this case, the relief device opens up, allowing gas suction to bypass the filter element, thus giving your HVACR system continuous use. If additional dirt enters the Suction Filter, it will be caught in the dead pocket of the element by the change in direction of the gas flow.

Another welcomed feature provided by the suction filters, is that all suction filter models are dehydrated right away after assembly and then they are sealed, in order to prevent any moisture pickups, thus avoiding problems caused by humidity and hydration. The person who installs the suction filter is therefore assured of a completely dry suction filter after the installation process is over and the HVACR system is 100% protected, since the filter is bound to work properly.

You can view some more detailed information about suction filters, their specifications and features, by giving us a call. Each of the Sporlan filters, Sporlan valves, Sporlan expansion valves or any other Sporlan HVACR products you might find there, are also available directly through our site.

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Sporlan has been in the business of making industrial HVAC parts for roughly 65 years. They are recognized the industry over for their dependability and the quality of the parts they make. They develop and manufacture controls, valves and a line of filters. If you are looking for spares, such as a fan motor evaporator motor or blower motor, Sporlan may or may not have it, but when it comes to quality controls, they definitely have it.

Despite more than a half a century in the business, Sporlan has the same ideals that it came into the industry with and that is the belief that quality is more important than anything and it is obvious by the level of quality shown in their product lines. Sporlan's line of filters is a brilliant example of this attention to innovation and quality. When only one filter is receiving flow in one direction, the bypass relief is active. If there is a significant pressure drop, the bypass relief will open so that the cooling system maintains perfect temperatures in the hermetic motors.

Filters are key for any HVAC system, as they keep the system components clean, thus keeping any byproducts of the system clean. Great filters make it safe and efficient to put HVAC systems in places where cleanliness is king, such as hospitals, schools, hotels and nursing homes. They are also good in commercial buildings where the eco-friendliness and efficiency of a system can save money, such as in office buildings. Without good filters, particles in the air will get into the system and clog up the works, potentially preventing or contaminating ventilation. They can also cause motor burnouts, which can cause enough heat for the contaminants to burn and be released into the air as smoke.

Before any of the Sporlan suction filters are packaged, they are dehydrated to prevent moisture from being in the packaged filter, thus causing humidity problems when installed and exposed to heat. This means that the filter will stay dry through to installation and that the filter will work because it has not been contaminated.

You can learn more about each filter by going to HVAC Plus and looking at the catalogue of Sporlan filters featured on the site. You can also contact a representative if you have any questions about a model or about what will work for your system. Every one of the filters listed is available for purchase through us. We are a wholesaler of Sporlan parts, tools, filters and accessories. We ensure that the product you get is in as good shape as when it left the manufacturer. We also ship quickly so your project can be done as soon as possible.