Buy Sporlan Parts

Sporlan is a line of the Parker Hannifin Corporation. It has been producing HVAC controls and systems for industrial and commercial projects for more than half a century. Sporlan produces replacement parts, such as motors, for heat systems, refrigeration systems and air conditioning units, and has been at the forefront of HVAC parts production and installment for decades.

Sporlan was founded by Harold Lange and Hermann Spoehrer who believed that propping up the good aspects of their business and the industry as a whole would make satisfaction in HVAC skyrocket. They knew that producing the best products, properly training employees so installation ran smoothly and handling the customer's needs in a way that keeps the products performing as well as possible was the key. It turns out they had the right idea. Sporlan's clients are among the happiest with their systems in all of HVAC. Through all of these years, the dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation and proper installation has persevered.

Sporlan is in the business of making parts for systems that go in anything from office buildings to hotels. Trustworthy enough for schools, hospitals and nursing homes, these products are as dependable as the company that makes them. Whether you need a pump, chiller or air handler, it is likely that Sporlan makes it. Its spares include solenoid valves, refrigeration controls, pressure regulating valves, temperature controls and thermostatic expansion valves.

Sporlan has more than 20 options for thermostatic expansion valves. The company designs all of them to outshine the competitor's parts in several ways. The inlet strainers on these valves make it possible for rapid removal, replacement and cleaning so industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units are not offline for any significant amount of time, which is just one of many ways that Sporlan makes their products efficient.

No matter what kind of heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning project you have, you will likely find what you need from Sporlan. Update an old system, install new systems with dependable parts or maintain existing systems using Sporlan parts and services. Look at the numerous parts offered by Sporlan to see what they have to offer that may not be in the existing system, what they have to replace old parts and what they have to improve parts that are already in the system. Sporlan is one of the best in the HVAC industry and a good choice for servicing any system.