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Sporlan valves are the inevitable result of years of design and improvement from a company that really gets it. More so than similar manufacturers in this area, the company distinguishes itself with some of the best perks in the business. On your way to purchasing those valves, you could even win free goods by answering a quiz or two.It's all part of this celebrated company's commitment to creating products and services that pros in the industry need. Whether that means valves or oil controls, you should be able to find something that seals the deal and makes your clients happy. Their valves have become popular enough that many who aren't even in the HVAC industry have become familiar with the company's reputation.Where to Get Sporlan ValvesAt HVAC PLUS we have cultivated a similar reputation based on outstanding customer service and our exhaustive catalog of valves and products. Whether the valves you need are for refrigeration or heating systems, you should be able to find every single product the company offers with just a click. Put simply, our catalog of valves is unrivaled anywhere on the Web.Look around and see why so many HVAC professionals come here for all their shopping. Getting your hands on their valves that get the job done fast shouldn't be a headache. We aim to get you in and out with those valves in a matter of minutes.The company has had a reputation for manufacturing some of the best components in the HVACR industry for over 65 years, guided by a philosophy of building well-designed quality products, along with excellent customer service. Some of the products that Sporlan offers include pressure regulating valves, temperature controls, solenoid valves, thermostatic expansion valves, refrigeration controls, and oil controls. For all your commercial and industrial HVACR needs, give us a call.For over 65 years, Sporlan has maintained an excellent worldwide reputation for their line of controls, valves, and other commercial HVACR products. Their website has a clean, basic design and is easy to navigate. It contains details about each of the products they offer, along with literature, technical support options, sales office locations, pricing, and a company history. There is also a feature called the Professor Challenge, where you are invited to correctly answer a challenging HVACR-related topic, with the chance to win merchandise or apparel. For all of your commercial HVACR needs, give us a call.


Sporlan has been manufacturing valves for decades, and the products the offer today are the result of decades of design, engineering and improvements. As everyone who works in the HVAC industry understands, high-performance valves are essential for ensuring proper performance, and valves serve a number of functions in the industry. With this in mind, it is little surprise that HVAC experts put so much research into determining the best valves for their needs. Fortunately, Sporlan can provide what HVAC users need, and those who do not want to do excessive amounts of research can rely on Sporlan.

Valves must be manufactured as safely as possible. Broken safety valves can lead to catastrophic failure, and a broken relief valve can cause heat and pressure to build up in a closed system, which can lead to catastrophic problems. Fortunately, HVAC systems generally have multiple failsafes to prevent such catastrophes, but those who run HVAC systems want to ensure that all of their safety measures are working properly.

In addition, appropriate valves are useful for assuring top performance. Some valves are designed to prevent fluids from running in a particular direction; a small crack in one of these valves, however, can cause systems to operate in effectively. For these reasons and more, HVAC professionals purchase only the best valves available and make an effort to assure that the valves they choose are the best on the market.

When choosing valves for particular function, it is always best to do research. When case reports are available, they can provide great insight about available components of HVAC installations. When information is not available or is conflicting, however, HVAC operators generally rely on the reputation of manufacturers. This is part of the reason why Sporlan has been so successful over the decades; their reputation is spotless, and veteran HVAC operators inform new operators that they cannot go wrong by choosing Sporlan.

At HVAC Plus, we are proud to supply Sporlan parts for those who need them. We take time to assure that all products we sell are of the highest quality, and we keep our inventory well stocked. Those who are looking to buy Sporlan parts can be assured that we will have what they need in stock, and we can ship items overnight if needed.

We also pride ourselves on providing top-notch in customer support. Whether you are looking for replacements for legacy systems or new components, we can help. Send us an email or give us a call to speak with one of our experience representatives and to find out how we can help you with your HVAC needs.