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Sporlan is one of today’s greatest HVAC system and component manufacturers, their products receiving numerous acclaims from HVAC technicians, engineers and domestic users from the entire world. The success of Sporlan in the HVACR industry has been marked by the philosophy of its founding fathers: Harold T. Lange and Hermann F. Spoerher (hence the name Spor from Spoerher and Lan from Lange) their philosophy was to produce quality products that are designed well and that can be enabled for its application and installation.

Another goal was too give a high level of comfortable maintenance options to the company’s products and the best service possible to their clients, as well as to establish fixed and straightforward policies of sale, while always making emphasis in the quality of their products. Even 65 years after the founding of the company, their goals and priorities continue to remain the same - quality before any other thing. This quality can be witnessed first hand in their excellent control valves and especially in their thermostatic expansion valves, the Sporlan TXV’s being renowned as some of the best valves of this type on the entire market.

Before we start detailing what Sporlan thermostatic expansion valves have to offer, let’s take a short look at what a TXV is. Thermostatic expansion valves are projected for all sorts of HVACR systems, including air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumping and chiller applications, although they mostly handle refrigerant gas and cooling appliances. They are designed in such ways that they are easily inserted in all HVAC systems. Thermostatic expansion valves are used for either home applications, industrial purposes, or different commercial refrigeration applications.

The thermo expansion valve is designed to regulate refrigerant liquid flow inside your machine’s evaporator, so that it balances the evaporation of the liquid into refrigerant gas. If the gas is not balanced, there is the risk of sudden temperature changes, which could either damage your machine or the products or services it provides. Depending on the heat registered by the valve, it releases pressure in the evaporator, thus balancing heat amounts. These factors make the thermostatic expansion valve a valuable and sometimes invaluable addition to your refrigeration system, especially if it is a larger commercial operation that requires powerful control over your products.

No matter what the application, no matter where the application, when engineers and installers are faced with challenges in air conditioning or refrigeration, they insist on Thermostatic Expansion Valves. With over 20 types of thermostatic expansion valves, the manufacturer has designed all options required for real world situations. Some of the most important features that the thermostatic expansion valves offer, include patented removable inlet strainers for quick cleaning, replaceable thermostatic elements for performance and serviceability, knife edge joints to assure tight seals and compact design that can be fitted in almost all HVAC systems.

The quality materials from which they are constructed, the skilled craftsmanship with which they are manufactured, the extremely severe inspection and testing processes that is used throughout production and the wide array of systems it can be used in, have made the thermostatic expansion valve one of the leading control valves on the market. Some of the greatest commercial distributors and refrigeration systems manufacturers use thermostatic expansion valves to control their applications and their fame has reached all corners of the HVACR world.

Here’s a quick view on some of the most important thermostatic expansion valve models: The NI series comprises small brass body valves, which are adjustable through their outlet fitting. They are suitable for smaller capacity HVACR applications where you don’t need any external adjustment (drink dispensers or ice cube makers for example). The Sporlan RI series are available with a Rapid Pressure Balancer (RPB) feature, that allows them to off-cycle pressure equalization when required. They are mostly used in OEM applications. The F series are externally adjustable thermostatic expansion valves, offering a SAE flare inlet connection with a removable 100 mesh strainer. Some of the most common uses for the F series valve are in coolers, freezers or refrigerated cases. The Q series are also externally adjustable, but the valve body has a removable cartridge, which can be supplied as a separate and individual component. The Q series also offers a 100 mesh, removable strainer screen that comes in as extremely useful. The typical applications, in which the Q thermostatic expansion valve models are used, include: air conditioning systems (if the valve is externally equalized) and a large variety of refrigeration applications.

The G series is made out of a forged brass body and it is designed for small capacity refrigeration systems. Its typical application is in refrigerated cases, freezers, coolers and small capacity air conditioning systems. The G series also has an EG version, which offers extended ODF connections and a removable 100 mesh strainer that can be replaced without the entire removal of the valve. For a complete list of all thermostatic expansion valves, you can give is a call.

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Sporlan is one of the top HVAC manufacturers in the world. This company creates a variety of HVAC system components. Engineers and technicians everywhere agree that some of the best HVAC parts come from Sporlan. The company's philosophy is what has made it so successful. The founders of this company agreed that part quality would come before everything else. Sporlan manufactures products that have been designed perfectly and can be used for many installation applications.

Sporlan has also made a point to provide consumers with a variety of maintenance options. Sporlan attempts to provide the best possible service to all clients. Sporlan places a huge emphasis on part quality. With such a large emphasis on quality, consumers love to buy Sporlan expansion valve. Thermostatic expansion valves are used in a variety of HVAC systems. Chiller, heat pump, refrigeration and air conditioning systems use a thermostatic expansion valve.

A typical thermostatic expansion valve handles refrigerant for cooling and gas appliances. All thermostatic expansion valves are created in a way that makes it easy for them to be inserted into various HVAC systems. These valves are used for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications. A thermostatic expansion valve is created to regulate the flow of refrigerant liquid, and it does this from inside of an HVAC machine's evaporator.

The valve balances the rate at which refrigerant liquid is converted to gas. When refrigerant gas is not balanced, sudden temperature changes can cause serious damage. According to how much heat is detected, the valve will release evaporator pressure. The valves balance the amount of heat that is inside of the evaporator. Regardless of the application, most installers and engineers agree that thermostatic expansion valves work flawlessly.

Sadly, with over 20 different types of expansion valves to choose from, consumers might have a hard time finding the valve that they need. Manufacturers like Sporlan have created many different expansion valves, and these valves have been created for many different applications. The majority of thermostatic expansion valves are created with a large emphasis on serviceability and performance.

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