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Solenoid valves are electrically operated devices that control the flow of liquids. Solenoid valves are electro-mechanical devices that use a wire coil and a movable plunger, called a solenoid, to control a particular valve. The solenoid controls the valve during either the open or closed positions. The design of solenoid valves allows them to have many applications. Their most common use is the control of water, oil, gas, steam, electric, solvents, cryogenics, air and vapors, as well as many other hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Typical environments for electric solenoid valves are in medical and biomedical equipment, analytical instrumentation, semiconductors, HVAC and other industrial OEM environments. A unique feature that solenoid valves have is the automatic triggering from remote locations by different voltages, making them useful in rough or hazardous locations. A solenoid ball valve (like the butterfly valve, one of a family of valves called quarter turn valves) is a valve that opens by turning a handle attached to a ball inside the valve. The solenoid ball has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked. The most common intrinsically safe digital outputs are solenoid valves and LEDs. Global Spec offers a variety of solenoid valve 12 volt for engineers and through Spec Search the solenoid valve 12 volt can be searched for the exact specifications needed. There are many solenoid valve manufacturers in the market nowadays namely, Teknocraft, Inc. whose solenoid valve products are utilized in a variety of industries and applications, and Magnatrol Valve Corporation and Bosch Rexroth Corp., Pneumatics Division are a few more to name in the market of solenoid valve manufacturers.


Solenoids are specialized control utilized to control a number of fluids within heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems and industrial applications. The design of the solenoid combines the functions of an electro magnet with a valve housing and control surface. This allows control of the flow of fluid by an electric current.

The electro magnet of the solenoid moves when an electric current, controlled by a thermostat or HVAC controller, is present. This movement moves the ball of the valve a quarter turn within the valve housing. This aligns the port or hole in the ball to align with the valve housing allowing the flow of fluid through the system. When the current ceases, the spring of the solenoid returns the ball to the original position closing the valve. This feature serves as a safety feature preventing the valve from remaining open during a power failure.

The solenoid ball valve differs from other solenoid designs which utilize a plunger that is inserted into the valve housing by the actions of the electro magnet to close the flow of fluids.

The ball valve solenoid serves a number of useful functions. The remote operations characteristics of any solenoid makes it ideal for use in HVAC systems operated by thermostats or digital controllers. The valves can be used to control the flow of fuels to furnaces or boilers, the flow of refrigerant within an air conditioner or freezer or water used within a chiller system.

>Industrial systems also utilize solenoids to control the flow of fluids. These uses can vary widely and often require specialized solenoids with valve components designed to withstand the special challenges of corrosive or high temperature fluids. There are also specialty solenoids used in medical equipment for the control of intravenous fluids and even in blood transfusions and dialysis units.

Solenoid designs also vary in electrical specifications. Most operate on varying low voltages but must match the system specifications to operate properly.

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