Buy Single Shaft

When you're looking to buy a single shaft for your HVAC system, you need to know about your options as well as what to look for.

There are many manufacturers who will make this special kind of direct drive fan and blower. Since there are so many categories of fan and blowers, you have to know what kind of single shaft you need as well as what manufacturer will provide you with the maximum number of features.

Some of the single phase categories include:

- Permanent split capacitors in various diameters, either open or drip-proof

- Shaded pole, multiple diameters, open with the possibility of steel end shields

- GE 59 frame, totally enclosed with different diameters

You have to know about the different categories to be able to buy the single shaft that you need. If you are unclear as to the single shaft you need, there are local HVAC technicians who can be called in to look at your system and help you choose the right parts.

The single phase permanent split capacitors are commonly used with moderate starting loads, such as in commercial blowers and fans, belt drive air handlers and even exhaust fans. Some of the top features provided in the shafts are starting torque, extended clamp bolts, ball bearings, reversible rotation bolts and much more.

The single phase shaded pole is used for applications with continuous air, including direct drive for residential, industrial and commercial air conditioners. They can also be used for furnace blowers for mobile homes as well as other kinds of furnaces. These are comprised of features like sleeve bearings, speed selector plugs and thermal overload protection units.

You will also find the GE 59 frame single shafts which are common in portable fans, draft space heaters, in-room air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. These consist of mounting studs, motor leads and even automatic thermal protection.

Once you know the application that you need the single shaft, it's easy to find exactly what you are looking for. It will narrow down the options considerably. You can then begin looking at the different manufacturers to find the one that has the exact features that you are looking for. Based upon the diameter you need, the material that you need the shaft made from and much more, it will be easier to find the shaft that you wish to order.

Ordering a single phase shaft has never been easier than with HVAC Plus. We have a wide range of parts that you need for your HVAC system, no matter how simple or advanced the system is. We also offer a wide inventory of valves, actuators, motors, dampers, controls and much more.