Buy Siemens Valves and Actuators Parts

Siemens Building Technology is one of the foremost manufacturers of HVAC and air conditioning parts in the world. They have a selection of parts that is practically second to none, with 35 different categories of products and a total number of more than 35 thousand products. A large part of their HVAC controls are actuators and valves, usually used in systems to provide heat and air conditioning.

Siemens Building Technology is a division of Siemens AG and was formed after Siemens AG acquired Electrowatt, Ltd in 1998. They were able to use all of the experience of Electrowatt to help them secure a lead at the forefront of fire safety and automation industries. This is the edge that has allowed them to produce some of the highest quality and highest efficiency HVAC parts in the world.

Siemens has a wide selection of products, including a long list of spares and replacements for different parts. Aside from valves and actuators, you can also purchase a new pump, chiller, air handler, or any one of a number of motors. They also carry a large number of different replacement parts for commercial and industrial heating and cooling units. All of their parts are known to have a high degree of quality and efficiency. These are the two cornerstones that Siemens Building Technology has built their reputation on. Some studies have shown as much as a 15 percent difference in efficiency when using valves and actuators from Siemens when compared to their competitors.

Siemens has working for the past 60 years to provide quality HVAC parts for every type of situation. Whether you're looking for parts to service HVAC units in schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, or nursing homes, Siemens almost certainly has the parts to make sure that any unit is operating for as long and as efficiently as possible. To this end, every product that Siemens produces is thoroughly tested in their own labs to ensure it meets their extremely high quality requirements.

There are more than 35,000 buildings that use Siemens HVAC controls to handle their heating and A/C needs efficiently, including extremely high profile locations such as Disney World, the White House and the Empire State Building. Their systems are capable of keeping any building warm or cool efficiently and easily. The specialists at Siemens Building Technologies are leading the way to the future of HVAC heating and cooling.