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Siebe control and actuators are widely regarded as some of the best-made, best-designed and most reliable in the R community. The talented engineers at valve company make a habit out of posing difficult questions and coming up with innovative solutions. Perhaps that's why so many of the company's valve assemblies, valve bodies and actuation devices continue to earn raves from major clients around the globe.

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Siebe's product line numbers more than 10,000 individual produced by more than 150 subsidiaries around the world and includes such well-known brand names as Foxboro, Robertshaw, APV, Univam, ACL-Drayton, Eberle, and many others. The company manufactures and systems ranging from components for small s to sophisticated turnkey automation systems for such projects as nuclear power stations and offshore drilling platforms. In addition to its manufacturing, they also produce the software to drive their systems under various computer platforms.

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Climate limited continuously seek to improve . Located in all of the globe, including America (Ohio, California), Europe and Canada and comprise of climate systems like Firex.

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Not everyone comes to the problems of R with the kind of energy brings to the table. Its parent company, Invensys (, prides itself on a forward-seeking, innovative approach. We at PLUS are committed to carrying like that represent the gold standard.