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Siebe actuators are used consistently worldwide, chosen because of their reliability and quality. Their are the perfect HVAC part if you need a low cost replacement alternative, offering characteristics like trouble free operations, greater control, high force and outstanding precision.

Siebe manufactures all types of top quality including the following.


Electric use a single-phase or three-phase alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) motor to drive a combination of gears to generate the desired torque level. Electric mount on which, in response to a signal, automatically move to a desired position using an outside power source. There are two basic types of electric : and .

•When driven by a non- , creates (as opposed to , e.g. of an electric motor). Mechanical and actuations are the most common methods of achieving .

•Can mount right at the equipment joint without taking up the long stroke lengths required of cylinders.


Electro-mechanical are similar to mechanical except that the control knob or handle is replaced with an electric motor. of the motor is converted to displacement of the .


Pneumatic are commonly used to actuate controland are available in two main forms; piston and diaphragm .


Piston are generally used where the stroke of a diaphragm would be too short or the thrust is too small. The compressed air is applied to a solid piston contained within a solid cylinder. Piston can be single acting or double acting, can withstand higher input pressures and can offer smaller cylinder volumes, which can act at high speed.


Diaphragm positioners are used mainly with , but are suitable for when used with some type of -to- linkage.


Pneumatic adjust position by converting air pressure into or . devices open and close gate, globe, diaphragm, pinch and angle-style with a sliding stem that controls the position of the closure element. devices move ball, plug and butterfly a quarter-turn (90°) or more from open to close. Pneumatic are used to remotely operate providing automatic process control. Wide variety provides the most efficient and economical pneumatic operation for any combination of process requirements and available air pressure. There are several actuation methods for pneumatic .


The ball offer many advantages when contrasted with other types. They provide superior ease of operation and can maintain and regulate high volume, high pressure and high temperature flow.

Cylinders typically involve a hollow cylinder having a piston inserted in it. The two sides of the piston are alternately pressurized/de-pressurized to achieve controlled precise displacement of the piston and in turn the entity connected to the piston.

The purpose of the is to accurately locate the plug in a position dictated by the control signal.


Damper provide control, either electronically or pneumatically, for a variety of HVAC applications including: VAV systems, mixing boxes, central fan systems, exhaust dampers and fire/smoke dampers.


Manual do not require an outside power source. They use a handwheel or lever to drive a series of gears whose ratio results in a higher output torque compared to the input (manual) torque.

There a quiet a few other types of that Siebe Controls manufactures, comprising of the following kinds:


• Ball Electric

• Solenoid


• Electronic


• Ball Electro Mechanical

Environmental controls


• Cylinder Motor

• Pneumatic Vane

• Pneumatic Position Three

•Low Torque

• controllers

• sensors


An is a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It is operated by a source of energy, usually in the form of an electric current, fluid pressure or pneumatic pressure, and converts that energy into some kind of . hold open fire and smoke dampers in a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A spring mechanism, integrated with the damper, is designed to close the damper during a fire to limit the spread of smoke, fire and fumes.

Siebe company fall under a wide range of various types of and are available online from many suppliers, parts dealers and distributors that carry the full line of Siebe products, like

Piston cylinder are suitable for both and . Typically, rack- and-pinion are used to transfer the of a piston cylinder to . Rack-and-pinion designs are also suitable for adjusting manually-operated . Scotch yoke devices are used to transfer to .

By contrast, vane are suitable only for . Link and lever attach a splined or slotted lever to the shaft in order to transfer the of diaphragm or piston cylinder to .

Electric mount on which, in response to a signal, automatically move to a desired position using an outside power source. There are two basic types of electric : and . Each type of ball electric uses special . electric use ball, plug, and butterfly that rotate a quarter-turn or more from open to close. electric use gate, globe, diaphragm, pinch, and angle that feature a sliding stem that opens or closes the . The electrical manufacture sale has electronic which has a motor drive that provides torque to operate a .

Electronic are frequently used on multi-turn such as gate or globe . With the addition of a quarter-turn gearbox, they can be utilized on ball, plug, or other quarter-turn . fitting optimize the performance of ovens and dryers. Without modern systems, there would be no fresh pure water or automatic heat in your home. There would be no public utilities, and beyond wood and coal, almost no energy of any kind.

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•MF-63123-500 Floating

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