Buy sewage relief valves

Sewage relief valve are specially designed for use with raw sewage and other debris-laden fluids. These are direct acting, spring loaded and super-sensitive for accurate control. It has the integral hydraulic dashpot provides ideal fast opening and slow closing operation. An adjustable valve is suitable for non vented or vented inline applications in chemical, petrochemical and high purity gas industries. Available with ranges up to 35bar, the KVV is ideally suited for use in analytical sample handling systems and on cylinder gas regulators as a protective device to prevent excess pressurization of sensitive components or over ranging of the regulators outlet gauge. The KVV can be used to protect sensitive laboratory and inline process analyzers; glassware from over pressurization; and outlet gauges on single and dual stage cylinder gas regulators. The KVV is specifically designed for use with gases and liquids compatible with materials of construction and is manufactured using stainless steel and brass. valves are designed to provide protection from over- in steam, gas, air and liquid lines. Hot water valves and back regulators are the same device, only differing in application. The heater valve water weeping "lets off steam" when safe s are exceeded, then closes again when drops to a preset level. A back regulator maintains upstream at the desired setting by opening to allow excess upstream to flow downstream. Thus the best valves are available with HVAC products and ensuring the longer life of the product.