Buy Semi Hermetic Compressors Online supplies reciprocating and rotary (scroll, tandem, and semi ) for refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems. Related components include rotolock connections, sweat connections, unloaders, phase protectors and mounting kits. A selection of tonnages and voltages are available for the following:

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What is a Semi Hermetic Compressor ?

A gas is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Similar to a pump, a increases the pressure on a fluid and can transport the fluid through a pipe. As gases are compressible, the also reduces the volume of a gas. are often described as being open, , or semi-; this describes how the and motor drive is situated in relation to the gas or vapor being compressed.

In and most semi- , the and motor driving the are integrated, and operate within the pressurized gas envelope of the system. The motor is designed to operate and be cooled by the gas or vapor being compressed.

The difference between the and semi- , is that the uses a one-piece welded steel casing that cannot be opened for repair; if the fails it is simply replaced with an entire new unit. A semi- uses a large cast metal shell with gasketed covers that can be opened to replace motor and pump components. The design of the reciprocating is somewhat similar to a modern automotive engine, with a piston driven from a crankshaft making alternate suction and compression strokes in a cylinder equipped with suction and discharge valves.

An open pressurized system such as an automobile air conditioner can leak its operating gases, if it is not operated frequently enough. The primary advantage of a or semi- is that there is no route for the gas to leak out of the system. If an open system is not operated frequently enough, the lubricant on the seals slowly evaporates, and then the seals begin to leak until the system is no longer functional. By comparison, a or semi- system can sit unused for years, and can usually be started up again at any time without requiring maintenance or experiencing any loss of system pressure.

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