Buy Rogers Thermostat White

Rodgers is a premium company handling HVAC control appliances and components, one of their most important stands being made in the field of temperature control. The quality of these temperature control products and accessories meets the market’s demands and is directly related to the quality of the Company. Let’s take a look at some of the most common temperature control products that HVAC technicians, engineers, OEM’s, homeowners and contractors use in their appliances, namely Rogers . The Control Company offers a complete line of manual Rogers , programmable Rogers and non programmable , which can be used in a large variety of HVAC applications and equipment, including home, commercial and industrial ones. Each is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer before releasing it on the market, so you are guaranteed a high reliability and a low breakdown ratio. Above all these, Rogers programmable comes with solid warranties, which show the trust that the manufacturer puts in their own products. There are several types of that produces, including single stage , multi stage , line voltage , electric and heat pump . These quality devices are backed up by a good variety of accessories and additions such as guards, humidity controls, special purpose controls, remote sensors, temperature controls or evaporating cooling controls. The product line of digital is available in three distinct feature sets, categorized for price and usage: the Premium 90 Series , the Standard 80 Series and the Economy 70 Series . All -programmable fall in the category of Energy Saving Products and many meet the certified Energy Star guidelines. Electronic from -are ideal for zoning system control and the new Comfort Alert Copeland Scroll compressor protection. When your need is temperature control, has or control for you.