Buy Robertshaw: Programmable Thermostats

With over 100 years of experience in the field of system control and general control appliances, Robertshaw rose to be one of the industry leaders of today. One market where they really stood out of the crowd and found numerous opportunities that plunged them on top of the industry is the component field. Offering a large variety of mechanical , and non- , the Company has earned the acclaim of contractors, engineers, system administrators and home users all over the World.

The are designed to be easily programmed, thus giving you more comfort and more time to attend to your other needs, rather than manually setting the every time you need it to change temperatures. Similar to a cell phone, this programming style is extremely easy, that when you order a R , you don't even need a manual for the installation process. This is extraordinary feature, because many users don’t install their devices correctly, or they don’t program them to their fullest potential, thus loosing a lot of the ’ features. With , a system of intuitive menus will take you step by step through the programming process, so you don’t have to worry about missing something important, or installing your wrongfully.

From all of their models, the most popular ones are without a doubt the ones. In a world where automation, programmability and comfort is at high demand, they blazed through the market, with their superb models. The large variety of models range from simple, yet effective ones that are more suited for homeowners or small buildings contractors, to the highly complex, extremely configurable designed for use in complex commercial and industrial systems, under the management of a administrator or a professional team of technicians.

The product line offers a few series, each with their distinct features and benefic characteristics. These are as follows: the 9700i Deluxe , the 9800i Deluxe , the 300 Deluxe and the 9600 Digital .

The 9700i Deluxe models come with a trilingual programming option, in which customer can set the display in either English, Spanish or French for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. They also include a valuable contractor feature, called the Contractor ID™ (identification). This option allows you to program your name and phone number right in the display, reminding customers who to call the next time they need service. The 9700i series includes the following models (the parentheses show the applications that use the and the power source of the device): the 9700i model (Gas, Electric, Oil and Heat Pump – battery powered), the 9701i model (Gas, Electric, Oil and Heat Pump – powered by 24 VAC systems), the 9715i model (Gas, Electric and Oil – powered by 24 VAC systems) and the 9720i model (Heat Pump – powered by 24 VAC systems). All models from the 9700i series share some features such as: a 7 Day, 5-2 Days, 5-1-1 Days or 24 hour programming system, the capability to handle 2, 4 or 6 events per day, a Worry-Free memory storage and an indoor/outdoor remote sensor capability.

The next series, the 9800i has all the innovative features of the 9700i series but they add a new humidity control and humidity sensing characteristic. The series consists of the following models: the 9801i Deluxe (Gas, Electric, Oil and Heat Pump – powered by 24 VAC systems), the Robertshaw 9815i Deluxe (Gas, Electric and Oil – powered by 24 VAC systems) and the 9820i Deluxe (Heat Pump – powered by 24 VAC systems). They offer mostly the same characteristics as the 9700i series: 7 Day, 5-2 Days, 5-1-1 Days or 24 hour programming system, the capability to handle 2, 4 or 6 events per day, a Worry-Free memory storage an indoor/outdoor remote sensor capability and a new Integrated Humidity sensing controller.

The 9600 series of digital , consists of the following models: the 9600 digital , the 9610 digital , the 9615 digital and the 9620 digital . The first two models are 1 Heat/1 Cool, while the latter two are 2 Heat/2 Cool . All models from the 9600 series are compatible with 24 VAC heating and cooling systems and have O and B terminals. They were designed for home use in the first place, so a great amount of focus was put on energy saving. The 9600 Series are the perfect for affordable home temperature control.

The Robertshaw 300 Series of Deluxe consists of exclusive 7-day models and have some distinct features: 3-hour override capabilities, EEPROM memory that allows for quick setting restores after a power outage or a malfunction in your system, a lockable keypad and front door, auto changeover that automatically switch between cooling and heating in order to maintain comfort and remote sensor capabilities.

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