Buy Robertshaw: Mechanical Thermostats

Throughout its 100-year history, has grown to become one of the most respected brands of HVAC appliances and components, including , gas controls valves, HVAC control valves and gas water heater controls. The temperature control industry has always been a fertile ground for the manufacturer and its still keep the standards of the market up. Contractors using know firsthand that the manufacturer’s line of is the easiest to install on the market and that they are some of the most reliable thermal control components you can find today. The simplicity of the ’ two-piece construction and wiring terminal blocks can actually translate into thousands of dollars per year in time saved at installation and the saves you will make on service costs.

The production line of includes three distinct , categorized based on their usage mode. These are the , the digital and the digital programmable . are among the most sought-after on the market, finding good use in home, commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

The include the following : the 9200 Mercury Free Deluxe , the 200 Mercury Free , the 400 Mercury Free , the 800 Mercury Free Line Voltage and the the 900 . Let’s take a short look at each ’ models:

The 9200 Mercury Free Deluxe include the 9200 (1 Heat, 1 Cool, Gas or Electric), 9204 (1 Heat, Gas, Electric or Millivolt) and the 9206 (1 Cool) models. These models feature bi-metallic temperature indicators, O & B terminals and are 24 VAC and J-Box compatible. The 9200 and 9206 models have a system and fan switch, while the 9600 features a unique 4700 Ohm Fixed Cooling Anticipation system. The 9200 Mercury Free Deluxe Thermostat are available in both horizontal and vertical models, thus making them perfect for a comfortable and easy installation.

The 200 and 400 Mercury Free include 16 models, 8 for the 200 and 8 for the 400. The 200 models are as follows: 200-401 – 2 wire, 24V, 200-402 – 2 wire, 24V, Positive Off, 200-499 – 2 wire, 24V Zone, 200-501 – 2 wire, Millivolt, 200-502 – 2 wire, Millivolt, Positive Off, 200-901 – 3 wire, 24V, Zone, 200-403 – 2 wire, 24V, Low Temperature Dial and the 200-503 – 2 wire, Millivolt, Low Temperature Dial model. The 400 includes the following models: 400-400 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Gas, 400-402 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Electric, 400-403 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Gas Low Temperature Dial, 400-404 – Millivolt, 400-420 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Gas, 400-421 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Electric, 405-420 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Gas and the 405-422 – 24V, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Electric model. Both offer sealed switch contracts that allow for maximum performance, adjustable heat anticipation and a cooling anticipation of 4700 Ohms.

The 800 of Mercury Free line Voltage offers four models of , which differ in their type of temperature control and the switch action. The 800 and 801 models are built for heating applications and the switches that operate them are single pole single throw (SPST). The 802 model is also used in heating systems, but it offers a double pole single throw switch (DPST). The last model, the 803 thermostat is used in cooling applications and holds a single pole single throw switch. Some of the benefits of using the 800 of , include a convenient temperature display system, a bi-metal temperature sensing feature, they are mercury free so no leveling or special disposal is required and they are J-box compatible. The 800 replace the obsolete 500 .

Last but not least, the 900 include three models: the 988-1, 1 Heat/1 Cool, Gas and Electric, the 986-1, 1Heat, Gas and Electric and the 984-1, 1 Cool. These models feature 24 VAC system compatibility, 0.1 to 1.2 Amp Heat anticipation, a system and fan switch and they are J-box compatible. The 900 are made up from a simple two-piece design, so that you will save a lot of time at installation. The large display offers extremely accurate room temperature measurement and the wall plates are also available to mask any unsightly marks left by previous . All three models include a sealed mercury switch, which is used with the built-in thermometer that accurately displays the room temperature. They also have an adjustable heat anticipator, which allows their use on a large range of heating and cooling HVAC equipments.

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