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Weston Fulton, a brilliant inventor heralding from Knoxville, Tennessee, developed the seamless metal bellows that became the precursor to the first home and automatic thermostats. During this same period of time, Fredrick invented the first water heater thermostat. These inventions served as the founding seeds for the company that is known today as Industrial . The list of innovations has continued ever since – created the first nuclear valves for the Manhattan Project; developed the temperature regulators that were used on the first nuclear-powered submarine; and have been creating for each new class of naval vessels on into the 21st century.

Today, offers unique combinations of quality and advanced technological devices designed to provide solutions for your specific needs. The Centeron Wireless Tank Level Management system provides highly advanced distribution management technology. It has helped customers reach unprecedented levels of operating efficiency in many industries including petroleum, chemical and energy.

The people at remain the company's most important asset. They are an accomplished team with diverse backgrounds. They embody the spirit of the inventor – a disciplined mind that challenges the status quo and they are committed to developing the solutions that meet their customers changing needs.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the company follows a Six Sigma process when manufacturing all of their . 's quality process is also enhanced by their new state of the art facility. The 55,700-sq. ft. plant incorporates cell-manufacturing practices instead of outdated batch manufacturing methods. These manufacturing practices guarantee quality and quick response to customer needs.

Industrial is an Invensys plc company. Headquartered in London, England, Invensys has over 80,000 employees. Invensys is a global electronics and engineering company that designs solutions to meet your total automation management and control requirements.

The mission is to offer their customers the highest value and the most innovative solutions possible. To that end, you can expect:

•Continual innovation in their product offerings

•Unique combinations of new and advanced devices

•Customized solutions that meet the needs of specific situations

Pneumatic Control

For reliable protection, companies have been depending on pneumatic control system components for years. Their versatile line of pneumatic components include temperature sensors, pressure sensors and relays, temperature regulators, fuel gas/starting air valves and engine saftey controls.

For many years, has provided customers with proven, trustworthy that are used around the world and across a broad range of industries. Their product line includes level controls, vibration monitors and switches, control valves, regulators and wireless level technology. Their are defined by a reputation of long-lasting reliability and they always improve the processes of which they are a part.

The company, Alpha Wireless, has partnered with . This partnership enhances 's ability to provide quality and services to the various markets they serve. Alpha Wireless Automation is a valued partner of Industrial and a premier reseller of the Centeron Wireless Tank Level Management System. Alpha Wireless Automation provides bulk inventory management and distribution solutions to a wide variety of industries that use tanks for storage of their . In addition to offering the Centeron Wireless Tank Level Management System, Alpha Wireless provides unique value-added additions including Metersoft SCADA software and hardware.

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